Do you have a habit of analyzing different horoscope traits? well, if you do then you’re not the only one, I’m sure that we love to have some information about our zodiac and that of our partners too. This is a habit that we’re definitely not guilty of, at least I’m not. Horoscope matching and predictions regarding the same a have had a long-prevailing impact on all of us, especially while you’re living in a country like India one needs to be dependent on these matchmaking sources in order to have a happily married life. All the zodiacs have their own share of flaws and vices and these help you out to understand yourself and your other half better than any inner emotion of yours. 


One thing which is common in all these aspects of matchmaking, be it zodiacs or any other element, is the fact that falling in love is not planned and neither does anyone has any sort of control over this feeling. Love is about bounding two people together till eternity, and even this quotient of love and romance might lack in a few and it might flourish in a few. So, if you’re fond of reading out on zodiacs well, then we might have something interesting for you here. Here, we’ll help you give a brief description of the romance meter of the 12 zodiacs in horoscope matching. Brace yourself, here we go..

ARIES: As a matter of fact this zodiac is ruled by the planet of Mars and Mars is the soul significator of true passion and adventure. They are extremely adventurous and hardcore romantics, but at the same time, they can easily shut you down if they’re not getting an equally romantic and loveable response from the opposite party. 

TAURUS: these Venus-ruled zodiacs have a hack for romance. They are true romantics when it comes to expressing theirs for their partner. They reflect the wine and dine kind of audience, and their love and romance keep on increasing with time, but they are also a little shy so one might need to open them up a little so as to lead a romantic life ahead. 

GEMINI: This twin sign is always up for romance and flirty relationships. They tend to be extremely loyal once they find the right match, but that road too long to achieve and before they do settle with one, they have a romantic eye for plenty of those out there. 

CANCER: Cancerians follow the old school of thought and they can be extremely romantic at times and while the other times they can equally quiet and boring. But once they are in the mood there’s no one better to make you feel romantic. 

LEO: Well, this one’s a have it all kind of zodiac. Leos have a thing for honesty and they will always be extremely honest with their partners and be through with their romantic chapter. They’ll make their partners the happiest, but if the same is not delivered from the opposition then it might be hard for them to reciprocate. 

VIRGO: We have another perfectionist in terms of romance, vireos are the best partner to be with if you’re hardcore romantic. They love to be with their partner and only their partner. They might not show it upfront, but they sure do have that romantic bone in them. 

LIBRA: They are the balances ones, be it loyalty or romance Librans are always on top of every list. They are demanding romantics and they prefer to have pay attention to every little need of their partners. 

SCORPIO: Here comes the zodiac with a hard covering, well, it’s just the coverage that’s hard, but deep down they are true romantics and they love their partner with all their hearts. They might be a little unpredictable which might create a little problem, but all in all, they prefer keeping their lover the happiest no matter what. 

SAGITTARIUS: Falling easily for someone is not their cup of tea, they are quite balanced and genuine in terms of love. They sure are Eager for romance, and will always be supportive when needed, but if they sense some disloyalty or distrust they might maintain a distance. 

CAPRICORN: Super active in terms of romance, they tend to be one of the most uptight zodiacs and they believe in giving all the love they have in them to their partner. So, they have a deep likability when it comes to romance. 

AQUARIUS: they are romantics, but probably not the kind of romantic everyone likes. They believe in following their duties towards family and friends and they don’t like the traditional concept of love and are on a little downside of romance. 

PISCES: They fall in love easily and they have huge expectations of their partner understanding them. Expressing and loving with all their heart is all that this zodiac is all about. 

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