Check out how the zodiac signs react in the awkward situations

Check out how the zodiac signs react in the awkward situations

We have all been in some awkward situations. We wish to avoid it as much as possible, but it is just not practical and possible. Astrology has been a true friend and helped us in these awkward times too. In the process of helping us, some keen observations about each zodiac sign have been made.

According to astrology, you behave in these situations in a typical way as per your zodiac sign. So failed handshakes, laughing out loud on serious issues, and waiving back to an unknown person are all handled specially by each zodiac sign Find out all the ways your zodiac sign reacts in such awkward situations.


The fearless and bold people of the zodiac signs are not afraid of any situation until they are awkward. They get thrown off by such situations and feel out of the zone in them. When they are in an awkward situation they feel like they have lost control so they get angry. 


They are masters of handling awkward situations because of how patient they are. They can handle any situation calmly, but this does not mean they are not off-put by the awkward situation, they just do not show it outrightly. 


They are very impulsive with their actions and awkward situations are common for them. The Gemini have two twins and two natures in their spirits because of which they can react in two different polar opposite directions. Either they get very angry or turn the situation into a joke and laugh it out. 


This zodiac sign can be very over-sensitive and wallow in self-pity at other times. They are so self-conscious that they are somewhat successful at keeping themselves out of any awkward situation. When they are in an awkward situation though, they help themselves by distractions. 


They have awkward situations to the core. They can and will find any way out of the awkward situations as soon as possible. They are very prideful and confident and handle any awkward situation with ease if encountered. They try their best to make the situation look in control even when they are not. 


They are the ones to point the elephant in the room and are very straightforward when they see an awkward situation. They do not believe in distracting the situation to diffuse it but take the bull by its horns and step up to it. They are not afraid to address the weirdness of the situation and talk about it. 


They are people who shine grace in their walking so awkward situations are a rarity for them. They can't be in any weird shenanigans so when such a moment ensue around them they try to find the quickest escape. They will do everything to keep their situations well-balanced. 


The zodiac sign which has mastered the art of being completely unfazed by an awkward moment around them is Scorpio. They just do not care about it. They do not cover it or be embarrassed about it, because they are not. They think a situation can be awkward only if they let it be. 


The way this zodiac sign can deal with awkward situations makes another wonder what awkwardness is. They seem to enjoy the awkwardness around them because of their dry humour. This does not mean they will make a kid fall to laugh, they are not sadistic. They just don’t find the awkward moments of life embarrassing but find them funny. 


Capricorns have the power to be sincere, friendly, and patient in all awkward situations. They can respond to them with genuine laughter. They either get quiet in such a time or laugh out loud. They never get angered by people in such a moment.


They are very eccentric at times and this quality elevates when they get awkward. They can be very unpredictable so when it comes to awkwardness they can act as a mental rollercoaster. On top in a moment and at the very bottom in the next. They lose their stable ground in such an event and go haywire. Either they get sarcastic or they start glaring in an angry note. You cannot ignore Aquarius when they are awkward.


They are a bit weak-minded in awkward times and are not adroit in handling these situations inefficient manner. They take an awkward situation and turn it into a more weird one with a lame joke. Sometimes they can also insult a person, without even knowing just to make the situation somewhat less weird.