With adulthood comes problems and drifts in friendship. You will tend to be in constant contact with your family but friendship is something that might get ignored by you and get affected the most.

It is a friendship that is likely to bestow upon your proper healthcare and mental peace. However, with every growth comes new changes in your friendship.

Young Adulthood Friendship:

This the best moment to make friends and grow friendships. The friendship between you and your friend is likely to get a bit complex during this time. 

You are likely to find stability in your life during this time and thus make friends with the people who share common interests as you. According to proper studies, it is seen that you will spend almost 10-25 hours every week with your friends.

Middle Age Friendship:

With age comes more responsibilities and different priorities. This is the time when you will have to distribute your time properly. 

Most of your time will be spent on family and your occupation and hence little time will be left for friends. Friendship tends to change or end drastically after marriage.

With age and life, you will make new and different friends, depending upon the situation. Some of you can be social and make friends anywhere and everywhere but won’t really have close friends. 

On the other hand, some of you might just have a handful of friends who are likely to be very close to your heart. However, such people will experience a lot of pain in case they lose any of their friends to time. You are therefore advised to be in touch with your old friends but at the same time make new ones too.

Old Age Friendship:

With old age, all your previous responsibilities related to work and job start decreasing. With retirement, you will have enough time on your hand and you will be seen spending it with your friends.

During this time, you are likely to reach out to your old friends with whom you might have lost contact. You will prioritize things that make you happy and try and make as many memories as you can. 

It is believed that the more you invest in your friends, the more it will last. In today’s world, there are so many social platforms using which you can communicate with your friends.

Studies show that constant messaging, Snapchat, or sharing posts on Instagram with your friend will make your bond stronger and your relationship will last longer. 

Good friendship in the old age will surely boost your immunity and keep you happy. It is seen that people who have one or more good friends experience good health as compared to those having no friends.

Friendship is pretty important during our growing years. You are likely to seek your friend when in a bad situation. 

Reason for Losing Friends with Age:

Friendship is likely to change in every respect with age and passing years. Studies give us the conclusion that friendship will decrease at the age of twenty-five. This will continue until you don’t get retired.

It is important for you to keep meeting your friends and trying to keep contact in order to maintain long friendships. 

One of the major reasons for your friendships do not last is the fact that you are not in college anymore and hence cannot devote a lot of time to your friends.

With time, your friends will get married or get into a relationship and their priorities will change. There are chances that you and your friend will have a job in different cities due to which staying in touch becomes a bit difficult.

With time, there are chances that you might have to move to some new place because of which all your friends had to be left behind. The change in interests and values can also be an important factor responsible for losing friends with age. 


As we have seen, friendship evolves as well as changes with time and priorities. However, you have to remember to pay attention to the friends that you already have in your life.

Try to make sure that the friendship is equal and both are contributing equally towards it. With good friendship comes good physical health, less stress and hence better mental health too.

You are likely to feel good and enjoy life if you have nice friends with you. Friendship will also help you with your traumas. With age, friends become all the more necessary and impact your life greatly.