In today’s generation, the rate of Divorce are rising like temperatures in the life of people and due to their respective situations.

When the first marriage do not get successful, either we stay away from the bond of the wedlock or we leave the past to the past and move on for a brighter future towards framing the life with the relationship that the second marriage brings.

In the Indian Astrology, there are various methods through which we can determine the chances, conditions, and situations of the occurrence of the Second marriage in an individual’s life.


The houses that define the fundamentals of the Second marriages are 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th, and 9th.

The 1st house signifies You. The 2nd house signifies the life along with the family, the lifespan of the marriage as well as the relationship with the partner after marriage. The 7th house indicates the intimacy between the spouse and the closeness of intimacy. The 8th house relates to the secondary significance of the second marriage. It is also known as the Dusthana House. The 9th house is the prime or the most important significator in the terms of Second marriage in the world of Astrology.


Second Marriage or the union occurs during the phase or the period of connection between the 3rd and the 9th house along with their correlated planets. At a times, the 8th house and its correlated planet also has the scope in giving birth to the situations that lead to the second marriage. But in most of the cases, the 3rd and the 9th house are the main reason or the time for deciding the chances of the second marriage in the Horoscope.


When the planets, Mercury and Saturn interconnects in the 7th house and the presence of two other planets in the 11th house at the same time might form the Yoga for the second marriage. If there is an involvement of Ketu, the marriage will happen in secrecy.

If the lord of the 7th house gets connected with the 12th, 8th and the 6th house according to Astrology, it forms a dual sign, which is also an indication for the second marriage.

If the 7th house is with the dual sign or if the dual signs are held by the lord of the 7th house. It is the cause of the second marriage in the birth chart.

If Rahu is present in the 7th house of marriage along with the placement of Venus, it might give rise to the multiple marriages in the chart.

If such placements form where the 7th lord from the Moon sign is in connection with Venus or the same placement occurs in Navamsa, which will create the chances for two marriages.

The lord of the second house and the lord of the 7th house gets connected with the malefic houses, such a situation also give birth to the chances of the second marriage in astrology.

If there is an occurrence of more than one planet in the 7th house that is considered as the house of marriage, it may arise the conditions of the second marriage if the other criteria are fulfilled.

If the 7th house lord is placed at the 4th house, it will be the indication for second marriage but if there is the presence of the benefic planets, it will diminish the chances of second marriage in the chart of the individual.

If the lord of the 8th house goes and resides at the 1st house or the 7th house and if the lord of the 7th house holds the dual sign along with the influence of the malefic planets in the chart, there will be the chances of two marriages in the birth chart of the individual.

If there is the presence of more than two planets in the 11th house of the Janam kundli or the birth chart, it is a a strong indication for the second marriage.

If the lords of the 2nd and the 12th house are situated at the 3rd house along with the benefic planet such as Jupiter, Moon or Venus, then such a situation of the planets might lead to a second marriage in the horoscope of the person.

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