Cards That Bring the Cash- Get the Financial Advice from These Cards

Cards That Bring the Cash- Get the Financial Advice from These Cards

The central axis of this hedonistic world is money. Some have it, some do not and everyone needs more. Empires were built and tarnished for this power. In this materialistic world, this green gold provides a sense of security and freedom. With life being tough and tougher each second, the cash blanket is a must to have. 

So to minimize the financial stress many people come under the umbrella of peace that Tarot reading provides. Tarot has cards in the suit of both the major arcana and the minor arcana that are associated with the financial status of a person. You can easily check your cash flow and fortune using these cards.

Let’s check out some common cards that are related to finances and may come in your next tarot reading.

Wheel of Fortune

The wheel shows movement, be it a potter’s wheel or the wheel of a vehicle. This card shows that everything around you is transient. The word cash flow is best described by this card. You will have a transition period in your life if you get this card. The unstable situation is shown using this card.

Ace of wands

This card radiates positivity and the power that you have to attain your power. Consider the scene of Captain Jack Sparrow and his compass from Pirates to the Caribbean. He knew the roadmap to all that he wanted, the moment that he knew what he wanted. This situation is the same with you, you will get the roadmap once you are sure of what you want.

Four of pentacles

This card brings money and the security that many people get with the idea of money. This card reminds you to not choke your money in the most literal sense. You need to stop concentrating on spending less money and rather work on getting more.

Five of pentacles

This card shows that you are possibly in the lower curve of your financial graph. The financial problems are now affecting you emotionally. You feel agitated with life and helpless for your scenario. You need to make a strong plan for the future and work according to it. Do not hesitate in taking help from people.

Six of pentacles

The sixth card of the pentacles suit reminds you about karma and charity. It is a great time for you to help the needy by donating to the shelters and the camps. Remember money is not a one-way street and helping others will always help you indirectly. So if you have in abundance, use it to get some good karma points.

Seven of cups

This card shows the confusion that you may be facing in your life. The confusion can be about your financial condition or the opportunities that you may be getting at this time. Sometimes you need to make a very specific priority list that can help you focus on what is more important. The seven cups help you to lose the distraction from your ultimate goal. All the prospects that come your way are not necessarily gold.

Nine of pentacles

This card shows that personal success in some sector of your life is on the way. Your choices and the actions that they have cast have been right for you and the spirits have worked from your side. The financial situation that you are in at the present moment is the total of all the actions that you put your mind to. If you reached the heights from rock bottom, this is solely because of you. Celebrate your financial security and stability by sharing it with people. The kindest of people do not have the largest fences but the largest of hearts.

So the next time you get one of these cards in your tarot reading you can easily examine what the angel spirits and the guides have to share with you. Use a tarot spread that resonates best with what you wish to get answered. The tarot spreads are an important part of tarot reading and can affect the reading. As a precaution always shuffle the cards well and take a deep breath to follow the card that your heart wished to draw.