Capricorn and Scorpio: The power couple of the zodiac.

Capricorn and Scorpio: The power couple of the zodiac.

Love is what makes us thrive through all the tough situations. When there is love, there is absolutely nothing that can break and bring a person down. The support of the right partner can be the difference between a successful career, strong mental and emotional health and a life that is filled with happiness. All of this and a lot more is exactly what a Capricorn woman gets when in a relationship with the Scorpio.

Personality traits.

Capricorn woman is known for being cautious, composed and conserved, the 3 Cs of a Capricorn. They are very dedicated and hardworking. They lie more towards being realistic and love to stay alone. Though the sign is friendly, they prefer not socialising so much. On the other hand, Scorpio is a secretive and very strong sign. They also show a high level of dedication. They are likely the most complex zodiac signs with various difficult to penetrate layers around their vulnerable true self. 

Capricorn and Scorpio as a couple.

Both the signs have few things in common that makes them bond well. Both these signs are the ‘hard to get to know’ and the ‘misunderstood’ signs of the zodiac. While Capricorn woman is conserved and takes time to reveal themselves in entirety, Scorpio is secretive and hide from almost everyone in their life. And this is a reason why they bond so well. But more so than just this, several things are to be considered. 


Both Capricorn and Scorpio are driven towards success, and to have a partner who not only understands but is also just as success is driven, the level of support is very helpful. The couple experience a mutual level of support that helps them reach and aim for the highest of height. 


As mentioned, dedication is a significant trait of the two signs. Their determination to commit to each other is stronger than anything that can ever come in between them. They strive through all problems and come out stronger because of the bond and unwavering commitment they have in their relationship.

Emotional understanding.

Both the signs seem to have a lot of emotional depth that they don’t let other people see or witness. They tend to keep a lot inside but when they do reveal, both Scorpio man and Capricorn woman work hand in hand to manage them. While Capricorn controls the high intensity of anger that Scorpio often experiences and Capricorn’s needs never goes unmet or tampered with because of how protective Scorpio is. 

Physical intimacy and attraction.

The two signs seem to be very sensual. There is a lot of passion that is driving their love. They are surely conserved, but being shy and controlled in bed isn’t something either of them ever learnt. They are adventurous and let their emotions be the driving factor for once. This power couple experiences physical intimacy like no other. They are attracted more towards traits of behaviour and emotional intelligence, depth and maturity than on physical looks.

Mood compatibility.

All signs are susceptible to mood swings, but Scorpio more than any other sign. Scorpio and Capricorn woman are both prone to dark moods. Feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, anything and everything they experience, they stand together and hold each other’s hand and provide all the support they need to become well at ease. They often share and experience dark moods which they skilfully turn into dark humour or maybe even a night full of sensual pleasure. 


For these two sign, everything is about being in control or maybe even controlling. Both of them cannot go with being controlled and managed by others at all times. They need to have a proper balance of dominance between them. A clear demarcation of areas where they share power or take power is always best to be carefully created.  The couple has very many reasons for being called the power couple, their emotional compatibility, understanding, commitment level or maybe sexual satisfaction, no one can pinpoint exactly. But when it comes to looking for the perfect love match for a Capricorn woman, Scorpio seems just the right match.