Rahu is commonly known as the demon God plays the role of a genius, a sorcerer, an illusionist, or someone with immense wishes such as wealth, international books, hi-tech items, and overwhelmingly good things. Rahu Mahadasa has been known to last through 18 years. It is a moment when one loses the course of action, and cannot differentiate between right and wrong. Because of this, one gets carried away with various forms of addictions, such as narcotics, gambling, drink, etc., and gets completely overwhelmed by the worldly pleasures and lacks a sense of time and faith.

It has been seen that the native gets highly influenced by negative or false people and in his desire to obtain more riches he lacks a general sense of good and bad. Whenever Rahu is seen to be interacting with any the world during Mahadasa, it absorbs all its resources and leaves it absolutely barren.

A person having Rahu Mahadasa is likely to bear huge financial risks on top of which one might have to settle for small employment. Health problems such as fatigue, diabetes, gastrointestinal pain, cough, etc. Strong disputes between family members, kids, and even partners. Mental strain, a fear of future friends stealing, and even loss of one's self. Many fixed property and properties can cause fear of people of authority and problems. A lot of obstacles in the way of progress. Sudden wealth and wound loss due to an accident. Lack of good health and family member’s frustration. Conflicts with immediate-community people. Chances of deceit by close friends Raise Separation from family members

Rahu along with other planets can have different effects

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Rahu Mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa

In general, Rahu Antardasa does not bring good results with Rahu Mahadasa. This evil Rahu sub-period may carry a fear of snakes, family strife, mental illness, water anxiety, suicide inclination, friends quarrel, bad company, and other women's illicit affairs.

Rahu Mahadasa and Jupiter Antardasa

Overall the Jupiter Antardasa with Rahu's Mahadasa is fine. This gives riches, wisdom, and marriage to beautiful women, moral benefits and social status etc. if the planet Jupiter is powerful enough in the chart it will offer other beneficial results of life.

Rahu Mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa

Rahu Mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa are the harshest time I can say in your life. Through nature, both Saturn and Rahu are either malicious or malevolent. During the Dasa period of Rahu and Saturn's Antardasa it is extremely harmful.

Rahu Mahadasa and Mercury Antardasa

Usually, the Rahu Dasa and Mercury Antardasa bring good results to the local. The native can gain technical performance, financial benefits, buy new homes, travel abroad, reputation, communication quality and health benefits

Rahu Mahadasa and Ketu Antardasa

For the native Rahu Mahadasa and Ketu Antardasa are extremely dangerous. Rahu Dasa and Ketu Antardasa bring with them diseases such as malaria, snake fear, burglary, political and bureaucratic strife.

Rahu Mahadasa and Venus Antardasa

Rahu Mahadasa and Venus Antardasa are one of the most complicated of native encounters. The place of change generally happens for a wrong reason. You might need to leave your family for a long period of time. The enmity is getting to its highest level. The native is likely to get into violence, family disputes, disgrace, incarceration and alienation from the home, town and country.

Now let’s talk about how we nullify the effects of Rahu Mahadasa. There are many remedies developed by Sages and Saints which can help reduce the effect of Rahu Mahadasa.

Wear silver jewelry in your hair, or take with you something made of silver. Set afloat to flowing water lightly washed with milk. Through holding fennel seeds next to your bed, Rahu's negative effects can be lessened. To mitigate Rahu's inauspicious effects donate jaggery, wheat, and copper as per your capacity. Taking Ganga water to the bath will reduce Rahu's inauspicious effects. Hold a silver elephant filled with water in a silver tub to get relief from an inauspicious Rahu. To get advantages from the auspicious Rahu should try eating food in the kitchen. Always talk to others softly, and respect your mother. Worship for the loving god Rahu Bhairava or Lord Shiva. Fasting on Saturdays will definitely reduce the bad effects of planet Rahu by refraining from consuming salt in any way during the visit. Pooja & Bhakti–Bhairav or Shiva or Chandi pooja to minimize ill effects in Rahu Dasa. Keep your main gate smooth and tidy, attempt to wipe your own lock, make proper lighting, hang something beautiful artificial toran at your entrance. Offer meduvada in the temple in the form of a garland to make Rahu positive. You should always respect low caste people and never give them bad mouth. Respect grandparents, make him happy, and try blessings to positively make Rahu. Always keep any electronic items that are not running and watch at home. Under expert advice wear hessonite (gomedh) gemstone. A gemstone is also a common treatment for reducing the negative Rahu effects.

Following these remedies will help minimize the effect of Rahu Mahadasa.