Cancers are one of those zodiacs who almost cries out of happiness as well and thus these zodiacs turn out to be the most emotional ones despite portraying a hard exterior. Cancers are the signs with everything intense and deep around them. They can feel the emotions profoundly and they try to escape when such situations turn out to be overwhelming for them. They keep every incident of their life, close to their heart and therefore, they cannot stop thinking about what was done to them a few months back, which was not right. Cancers need to sit down calmly and understand that it is how life works. Not only they but wrong things happen to others as well. It depends on how well they cope with it.

Cancers hold an ample amount of mood swings and that won’t be accepted by them in some cases though. If someone tends to shower a Cancer with the inappropriate or distasteful comment, Cancer would feel the pain deep within that cannot be expressed with words. They would replay the words spoken to them for the whole night. Cancers have a habit of reacting more than needed, especially when their lover/beloved is having a rough day.

If you are dating a Cancer, the most important thing that needs to be kept at mind is that they need to be praised even if they are in their joggers. They need to be felt special. They need to be reminded how beautiful, gorgeous and talented they really are. That sets their self-esteem at the right place. Sometimes, their sentiments are too sweet to be digested properly. That also evolves a Cancer into a crying one. Their emotions turn them into cry baby at times.

During work or personal life, Cancer takes time when it comes to dealing with criticism. In this world, almost every people are going to criticise another at some point of time, sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally but the reality is we need to understand that even they are human beings and their insecurities made them speak the words that are not worthy of. If a Cancer makes a mistake and their partner points that out can transform into a screwed situation when the Cancer deal with it. At the workplace, the reality is nobody likes their bosses when they are working because they push us with words that might turn out to be harsh at times but Cancers make sure to take them personally as well. They think that it is all being dedicated to them and others might hate them as well. This is what Cancer forms in their mind.

But when a Cancer makes such a remark on others, they tend to overlook that and pass forward. Cancers are nurturing and compassionate but with the saturated emotions comes the epiphany of downpours. They need to be cuddled when they are going through the crisis or dealing with such sadness. It not only makes them feel the warmth but also makes them feel loved. Cancer falls under the element of Water. Even the season of Cancer is related to the flooding of the river, Nile in Egypt. Such floods lead to abundance when it comes to harvesting the new crops on the fertile soil. In similar patterns, Cancers experience emotions that are over-pouring or flooding out. 

Cancers can be quite stiff or immature when it comes to handling the pain of others. They tend to freak out and instead of dealing with such situations, they tend to hold on to the emotions that block the happiness from them. Cancers need to understand that the world is a big place and emotions keep creating at almost every seconds of life. They need to understand that almost every individual on this Earth is dealing with their own forms of emotional pain that they do not even disclose with others. Therefore, it is necessary not to hold on to their individual pain and they must understand that beautiful things always need to run the test of time because even a lotus grows on dirty mud.