Cancerians and the equity of their strengths

Cancerians and the equity of their strengths

People belonging to the sun sign Cancer are one of the most tenacious ones and it is very hard to change their mind around what they strongly believe as they are not likely to easily give up. If we think of this trait in-depth, judging if it would be placed under strengths or weaknesses is difficult and subjective. Cancer is a sign governed by the Moon and also a water sign, two traits that complement each other in terms of traits and which become the reason for the strengths and weaknesses of Cancer.


Balance in the universe is a result of controlled and contradictory existence. It is an overall idea that constitutes the world as a whole but at smaller or more primitive levels its understanding becomes more complex. There are several questions that might often arise due to this like, How is this balance achieved? Who balances our deeds or activities? Is our life from start to end balanced by itself? Do we balance ourselves or each other?  All these questions are genuine and come with their own possibilities of being true. The probability of "How"  the equity is maintained is a complex answer as all of the possibilities are true and the answer is rather dependable on individual choices. Therefore each individual tries to balance themselves, their success is a matter of further complexities. This individual or personal balance comes from one's strengths and weaknesses and for some signs like Cancer whose traits incline more towards a particular end due to their element and planet, the weaknesses are often seen being arisen from within their strengths. 


Being manifestations of the element water, Cancerians often show signs of adjustability corresponding to the fluidity, they aren't the ones who can confide themselves with a task at a place instead they run wild with their imaginations often making them pioneers of an artistic domain. Though an inactive Cancer can never be in their best forms as they stagnate just like water but at times there's a need for them to slow down and judge themselves if they have moved to the extremes of their beliefs. Their tendency of adjusting can sometimes shut their desires in course of making the world a pleasurable place for others and it is difficult for them to realize this as they firmly stand by emotions and principles and are less likely to give up. The idea of finding happiness in making others happy is their motto which sometimes might turn abusive at the other end. This might lead to cancer developing insecure and suspicious behavior towards people.


The crab sign of Cancer is also marked by deep and sensitive emotions, sympathetic nature, and persuasiveness. They resemble the Motherly nature being the Moonchild with a deep understanding for others and a familiar acquaintance with their pains and hardships. Cancer is one of the best listeners due to their comforting and relatable nature and is also partners who'll never leave someone stranded in hardships. Their compassion and care though are ideal of all signs they might become irritating or appear compulsive to some signs. If these signs are close to the Cancer person they are more likely to get deluded by their responses and grow pessimistic and their strength of being persuasive for good can transform into being manipulative.


Another strength of Cancerians is that of their creativity, highly imaginative, intuitive, and receptive. The Moon representing the subconscious world is the planet Cancer which gifts a Cancerian these extraordinary approaches towards the world and its functions. They often create deep worlds of fantasy filled with beauty and love. Their creative and artistic skills sprout from this imagination but on an extreme with their imaginative selves Cancerians can develop a tendency to brood also dealing with multiple mood swings. It is worrisome when people with Cancer sign become prisoners in their own fantasy unable to make the difference between ideal imagination and hopeful reality. They can become too indulgent in their thoughts and sensations of their subconscious being and thereby become lonely feeling no one can understand them as they do. In truth, it is not actually them being unapproachable but their created worlds. At this point, only the signs who can imagine parallelly with Cancer can penetrate into their fantasy and help them.


The traits discussed throughout are the major potential and strength of a Cancer, they are though likely to turn in their greatest weaknesses depending on the extent they are pushed onto.