Cancers can be called the most sensitive zodiac signs in the entire horoscope chart. They are ruled by the moon. The people born between June 21 and July 23 are referred to as Cancerians. They belong to the water element, just like their counterparts Pisces and Scorpio.





Being a water sign, Cancers are known to be highly emotional and intense. They might also seem psychic at times, which is only because of the intuitive nature that they possess. They are extremely talented but are often unaware of the strengths and skills they possess.


Since they are ruled by the Moon, the phases of the Moon tends to affect their moods and emotional patterns. They possess a really strong connection. Due to this reason, Cancer is considered to be one of the most difficult zodiac signs to get to know.


Cancers are the most loyal creatures you will ever come across in your lifetime. They are also known to possess parenting instincts and want to take care of all the people they hold close to their hearts. They will go to any lengths to protect their loved ones.


In your group of friends, if there is a Cancer, they will be everybody’s secret keeper (and a good one at that) and are the first ones that the others turn to for solace. If you have a Cancer best friend, good luck trying to hide something from them. They can almost smell it when something is fishy.


Cancers have the ability to feel the pain and sorrow that another person is going through and is quick to empathize with them. Since they are driven by emotion, they can have a tough time fitting into the world around them.


This water sign is extremely domestic and loves to be surrounded by their family and loved ones. They are sometimes hell-bent on maintaining a harmonious atmosphere, which makes them quick to avoid any kind of conflict or argument.





Cancers tend to be very pessimistic. This is especially true if they are going through one of those bad mood days. If you come across them on such a day, mind you, their pessimism might rub off on you.


As mentioned earlier, this water sign has the ability to change its mood within a matter of seconds. One minute you will see them laughing and joking, the next minute they will be drowning themselves in tears. This is a very normal day in the life of a Cancer.


If you have hurt the feeling of a Cancer in the slightest way, they will never forget it. They will carry it with them their entire lifetime and to their grave. They will always remember every detail about you, especially if you were their ex or an old flame.


They like to gain sympathy from people around themselves by showing themselves to be mistreated or wronged.





People belonging to the Cancer horoscope are interested in some of the other forms of art.

Since they are very particular about keeping the people they love close to them, Cancers also love having a hearty meal with friends or family. It instantly puts them in a good mood.


A Cancerian tends to be lazy and can spend days, if not weeks, in the same pajamas. This is why they are in home-based hobbies. This just gives them an excuse to lounge around at home.


Cancer is creative and imaginative and loves to keep their room, home, desk, etc. pretty and clean. They put in a great deal of thought and hard work into it too. They are big on looking their best at all times.





In the year 2020, Cancer will encounter a lot of changes as per their horoscope reading.

You will find inspiration from multiple sources or people for different aspects of your life. For instance, it might be a child reminding you of your childhood, or someone you work with who motivates you to work harder.


In terms of love, if you are already in a relationship, it will only get stronger this year. Your partner will be happy to see your romantic side more often. If you are a single Cancer, this is a great year for you to look for your partner. However, first, figure out what is it that you want in your partner. Also, do not try to settle for second best. You are free to be picky this year.


When it comes to your career, you will likely have to compete with someone to get ahead. Never lose your confidence, since that will help you push through the challenges and come out as the best out of all.


This year will be great for you financially. You will even be able to save some money after paying off the necessities. Also, remember to stay active this year. Inactivity can cause unwanted health issues and even slow down your metabolism.