Cancer Career Horoscope for 2020: The Planetary Overview, The Career And The Finances

  • Date: 21st June – 22nd  July
  • Ruling planet: Moon
  • Ruling element: Water
  • Ruling house: Fourth
  • Dominant quality: cardinal
  • Polarity: Negative
  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Lucky color: Violet, Silver, and White
  • Lucky gemstone: Pearl and Ruby


Sensitive Crabs

The people who are born under the Cancer sign are actually very sensitive. Being a water sign, they are actually very much affected by the smallest of things and might get teary and emotional. The Crab has the nature of self retrospection and therefore they take responsibility for their own mistakes and will definitely try to rectify upon their own mistakes. The Cancerian is a very loving and nurturing person. Just like the moonlight they provide other people with the needed coolness and softness. They definitely come into the compatibility of a lot of people. They also put up a lot of emotional investment in their careers and therefore love to fly on the investment. The same applies to their career horoscope for the year 2020.


Cancer Career Trajectory

Cancers are the group of people who put in a lot of emotions and sensitive touch in their careers and make sure that they treat their work like their babies. Besides all the personal agenda they also try to make sure that they actually put aside their own personal agendas when it comes to work and will not mingle between their personal and professional life. Cancers are sure to provide the nurture and care into their own work and business; the same would go unsaid even for the year 2020 as per their career horoscope. The Cancer career horoscope for the year 2020 predicts that it will do a lot great when it comes to mass agendas, like teaching, hospitality, management, event management, and funk business.


The Horoscope Overview

The ruler planet for you, the Moon is going to be in close proximity to you, and therefore, there will be an upscale take on your emotions. Maybe this year something out of your passion will come into play for most of you. You need to pay attention to the movements of your ruling planet, the Moon as it is going to handle your career and finances this year too. Also, there are signs that new upcoming business and a reunion are on the way, something like a business with some old friends as an accomplice? Make it happen. This will prove a benefit as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020.

There is supposedly an eclipse around the Cancer time of the year, in mid-June to mid-July. This is an open sort of sign that there might be some ups and downs during this time. Endurance is the key. The career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020 also says that the consequences of some past mistakes might also surface during this time, see to it, and make sure do no-repeat such mistakes in your work front, you being so delicate Moon darlings.

The Sun is supposedly entering your sign by the end of June and will stay in Cancer till the end of July. Therefore the Sun is also coming as an open influence along with Moon, and this will open up some pretty well agendas too. As per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020, if you are thinking of beginning to search for new jobs, this might be the time for it. Your professional life will take a leap as compared to your personal life as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020.


Career and Finance

The career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020 says that this year might be the year to make the most of it, make the maximum efforts to put in your professions, because your Moon will cause your personal life to take a back seat, so play the arena you have go to the best you can make it.



Venus, besides ruling the areas for love, also rules the areas of finance. So by March, Venus is going to enter the house of Taurus and it will be a great year as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020. Cancers should make it a gearing year for their careers and start financing on a large scale basis. Things like SIP’s and mutual funds will be on a high tide. Work that ass for these things! Also, Uranus will be in the house of Taurus too, and therefore, there is going to be a string of new opportunities in these areas. Sometimes investments in the areas of new opportunities are going to fly high. Make this one happen too. It will turn out to be a miracle as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020.



Saturn is going to influence the house of Capricorn this year, the house that is antagonistic to the house of Cancer. So this might be prognostic for the Cancers and will be a lucky time in their career as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020. Therefore all the efforts that you will be making will enjoy the fruits of labor. Just keep a track of past mistakes and be ready if they blow out any time. Promotions are on the top scale. Improvements are on the way. Focus and some efforts will be highly recommended for the magic to happen.


The Money

Well as said, the efforts should be in proportion to the outputs expected. So for soaring results, the efforts should be planned, procedural, and processed. The money is going to make its way pretty well as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020. Jupiter will also spend the year's influence in the house of Capricorn. This paves the way to more effort and some perseverance with a lot of planetary luck in the way. The Sun and the Jupiter will interchange positions in mid-July, which will be a reaping time for finances as per the career horoscope for Cancer for the year 2020.

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