Can Crystals Heal You? Find out More about These Magical Crystals

In recent times, we are intrigued to know more about holistic methods of healing. This has caught the eye of many people who want their overall well-being.

There are certain crystals that have great healing properties but as you are a newbie, you may not know about them.

These crystals can be used for personal healing where they throw out all the negativity and only keep the positivity in your body which in turn brings balance to your life. These crystals will heal you inside out. They keep you mentally sane and physically fit.

There are ancient religions that believed in these crystals and in their healing properties. Keeping that in mind, there is no scientific backing to these arguments which prove that these claims are totally right. You may still want them for the way they appear catchy to your eyes.

You have to look deep within yourself to be able to heal yourself. There are plenty of people who believe that these crystals do work. If your curiosity has nudged you then you should totally try them out. However, you may have to believe in the healing powers which they have.

Here is a list of some of the most well-known crystals:


This crystal helps you to be courageous enough that you would even face the most difficult days. This crystal nourishes you and it helps to give you immense power. It doesn’t let you take negativity, instead gives you a wit to think at a quicker speed

Clear Quartz-

This is a transparent crystal. This helps in a great flow of energy throughout your body. This helps you to focus on tasks.

Rose Quartz-

This crystal symbolizes love and it makes your bond deeper with the people around you. This boosts your connection and helps in your worst times.


This crystal helps in handling emotional imbalance while also guarding you against negative energies. This crystal removes impurities and works to reduce physical pain.

Tiger’s Eye-

This crystal helps you to become a stronger version of yourself. It removes the very fear that you may have for yourself.


This crystal helps you in grounding and also increases your immunity. This crystal helps to heal the whole body.


This crystal brings joyfulness and it helps you bring positivity in life. It also helps you to focus better in your life.


This crystal gives a fresh start to things. This crystal removes blockages from your life and nurtures your intuition.


This crystal helps you to become more wise while also allows you to be your purest self. This crystal also helps to get rid of issues related to sleep.


This crystal will act as a purifier for your blood. This will make you calm by removing your fiery attitude out of your life.


This stone will aid in increasing your sexual powers. This crystal will also make you mindful of yourself.


This stone is owned by wise people. This stone helps in clarity of vision as well as improves the blood circulation.

Selection of crystal-

For choosing the right crystal you have let your intuition make the perfect choice for you, the one crystal which attracts you should be owned by you without any second thoughts.

Care for your crystal-

Usually, you can clean it with water and let the crystal dry. This will remove any energy that is stuck with it. You can also clean your room before using a crystal. Even before you buy a crystal make sure that you are not in a state of disbelief regarding the power of crystals.

Accessories made of crystal-

Crystals are known for their beauty; clearly, they are used for wearing on your body. Here are some options of crystal accessories:

Prayer beads- They are worn on your chest

Jewellery- Wherever you prefer to wear it on your body

Coasters- ideal for your keeping in your apartment

Sex Toys- used to increase your energies while also giving you a good sensation.

Pipes- used for smoking weed with ease

Water Bottles- crystal’s energy will be infused with the water that you will consume.

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