Can Ayurveda cure the Coronavirus?

Can Ayurveda cure the Coronavirus?



The world is struggling with coronavirus making it a very critical time. The pandemic which started in China has reached almost all the countries. India has been battling with coronavirus since January 2020, but no one can win this battle fully without a vaccine.

Scientists in different parts of the world have been trying to come up with the vaccine for coronavirus, some claim that they have it but need to test it but nothing for sure has come up. Amongst all this, Patanjali has launched Coronil which claims that it can cure Corona positive patients in 7 days. It puts great emphasis on the benefits of Ayurveda but has been getting mixed reactions from Indians.

Some have become hopeful that finally, the cure for Coronavirus is here, while some are not ready to believe that Ayurveda can cure the corona Virus. So basically the question is not if Coronil is an effective vaccine, the question is Can Ayurveda cure Corona Virus?

So what does Ayurveda say about pandemics, there is an entire chapter in the Charaka Samhita about worldwide pandemics, and it says that instead of being negative during such times, people should use it to send as much time at home as possible. It is an opportunity to make a daily routine and follow it without any excuses. The ideal daily routine is to wake up early, freshen up, and drink hot water. After that you should have some herbal tea, you can add tulsi or cinnamon or cardamom in your regular tea, it is believed all of this boosts immunity and since there is no vaccine for Coronavirus yet, the only way to prevent it is by increasing your immunity and everyone knows it “Prevention is better than Cure”.

As per Ayurveda, as long as our digestive system is healthy, we can fight off any illness and there are many remedies or ways in Ayurveda that can help strengthen the digestive system. Scholars in Ayurveda say that following some tips and remedies of the Ayurveda can prove to be very effective in boosting your immunity, which in turn will protect you from coronavirus. If everyone starts following a daily routine and takes care of their digestive system, then the spread of Coronavirus can be reduced. Even doctors have said that people with higher immunity have lesser chances of getting the virus. So instead of debating whether Ayurveda can cure Coronavirus or not, we should use it to boost our immunity.

Yoga is said to be an amazing way to increase your immunity, following a set of 8 pranayamas on a daily basis can increase the strength in your lungs. The set includes pranayamas like Bhastrika, Bhati, Kapala, Anuloma, Viloma, Brahmari, Utjayi, Utgeet, Sheetkari and lastly Sheetali. Yoga gurus tell that just by doing this 8 exercises, your lungs will gain a lot of strength, immunity system will be boosted and your lymphatic system will be cleansed.

It will also help you maintain a balance between immunity and strength, in the digestive system and vital life force. Another one of the simple herbal remedies which Ayurveda is the intake of a combination of talisadi, bhasma, abhrak, sitopaladi, mahasudarshan churna. You should take ½ a teaspoon of this mixture three times in a day, morning and evening. This is considered to be a remedy for common cold, but you should take it no matter if you have the cold or not. If making this mixture seems a lot of task, then adding sitopaldi or talisadi to your tea can also prove to be very effective.

Both these remedies will help increase the strength in your respiratory system and help prevent the virus from entering your body. Along with this you should practice yoga on a daily basis. You don’t have to a fully fledged yoga practice; just doing the few basic asana can also bring great results.

You should try the following yogasana:

Camel pose

Cobra pose

Cow pose

Boat pose

Bow pose

Locust pose

Lotus pose

Lion pose

If following all these yogasanas seem like a task and is taking up a lot of your time then you can start doing Surya Namaskars. A minimum of 7 Surya Namaskars should be done every day, yogis recommend 7 Surya Namaskars because our body is made up of 7 main tissues, so one round for each tissue. Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 different poses which engage the whole body, so it works on every muscle of your body. After 7 or 12 (not more than 12) rounds of Surya Namaskar, you should sit down for some meditation.

The importance of meditation has grown in the recent times, meditation helps keep your mind calm and peaceful which is of utmost importance. Being at home for such a long period of time is frustrating and can take a toll on your mental health, so regular meditation is a must. If you don’t keep your mind strong and calm, you won’t be able to fight the virus. Doing the So ‘Hum meditation will fill you with joy and enhance your inner beauty. After meditating, you should sit quietly and feel your presence, feel each and every part of your body.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to eat only homemade food; this is an opportunity to enjoy the delicacies of your home. Keep your diet very clean and avoid all sorts of junk, oily and fried foods. Enjoy your basis rice, dal, sabji, roti. Always take your food hot and avoid cold things like cold drinks, ice-cream, iced water, yogurt, cheese. It is believed that cold food suppress the Agni, that is the digestive system. Also if your body is exposed to a lot of cold food, then your natural resistance will decrease. No matter how much you want to drink some ice cold water, especially during the summer time, you should avoid it and drink warm water throughout the day.