Can a Tarot Card Reader Read for Themselves?

Can a Tarot Card Reader Read for Themselves?

There had been many discussions among the readers about the topic that Can a tarot card reader read for themselves? Some people say that it is not safe to read for themselves while some readers don’t mind reading for their own self. Well, nothing bad will happen as such if you are going to read tarot cards for your own. You just won’t be able to get accurate results.

Reasons why most readers avoid reading for themselves

1.      Often times, people turn to tarot cards during any problems or issues in their life. So, it is important to have the correct perspective on the issue. Your perspective on your problem can be totally different than others. And this may lead to wrong readings of a card. When a reader is reading for a client they try to understand every aspect of it without any prior point of view of anything and because of which they are able to advise them correctly. But when we are reading for ourselves we believe certain things that are not even correct and this may lead to errors in reading. For example, you may blame yourselves if your relationship didn’t work out well. You will try to read the cards with this point of view but in reality, the ending of the relationship had nothing to do with you than whatever the result will be of your reading will be incorrect.

2.      It is often observed that people tend to ignore certain issues of their life by just giving themselves excuses. This may occur in a tarot card reading as well. If the card is pointing to any mistakes of yours you may draw more cards to clarify yourself or they can explain your reasons for doing that mistakes. So, you see how it can affect your overall results of the reading.

3.      When you are reading for yourself you often tend to perform tarot cards readings in a way so that you get the results that you want. Suppose you are reading tarot cards to know about the success of any new business that you have set up. Deep down in your heart, you want it to be a success so you may perform the reading in a way so that you get the result that the business will be a success. But it may turn to be a failure.

So, you see this is why readers avoid reading for themselves. But with all the above reasons being said you can perform reading for yourself. It’s just that don’t read tarot cards for too personal problems whose solutions can be interfered with by the emotions. When emotion is added to a reading the results can get affected. So, don’t make any big decisions after reading a tarot card by yourself. Read them for casual things whose results even after being incorrect will not have any big impact on your life.

How to avoid inaccurate results while reading for yourself?

Lots of reasons being mentioned, it is not impossible to read a tarot card accurately for your own self. Keep in mind these following things so that you can read it accurately as you read for your clients.

1.      Don’t read these cards when you are high with your emotions. First, try to calm down and then read the cards. Make sure that you are not influenced by any of the emotions related to the intention behind reading the card.

2.      Whenever you observe that your actions are being influenced by the emotions, quickly take a deep breath and try to focus on the cards rather than the emotions. Remember that your biggest strength as a tarot card reader is your intuition and focus. So, use them to shift your attention from the emotions.

3.      Be very specific with the questions you are asking. Sometimes, it may hurt but don’t worry ask questions in as many details as you can. Often times, readers aren’t able to come with the correct questions that they need to ask. So, before reading try to look into your problem from a wider point of view and come up with accurate questions that can bring correct results.