Bringing Back the Focus to Life- Disconnecting from the Internet

Bringing Back the Focus to Life- Disconnecting from the Internet

Life in the 21st century can be summarized to be something that is just a click away. The internet widened its horizons to every nook, corner, and crevice of the world and has made its impact on our everyday lives. The internet is everywhere. From Netflix, internet banking, online schools, courses, online jobs to online schooling, ballet lessons and so much more. The internet is gradually transforming from a luxury to a necessity. Its significance quadrupled when the world shut down when it was hit by the nasty coronavirus, leaving only the internet as a means of staying connected. We all know the benefits the internet has given us access to and how easier it makes life. However, the internet has a very dark side to it too.

If you have watched the recent documentary ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix (irony, right?), you would know what I am talking about. The internet is designed to keep our attention for as long as possible. It lacks something which is the need of the 21st century - humanity. Every app on our phones, on our computer, is programmed in such a way that we keep going back to it and spend endless hours on it. Watching a series on Netflix? ‘Watch the next episode in 3..2..1..’ Sounds too familiar does it not? These play with our brains as the brain always signals the body to stay in a position it is most relaxed in. And the next thing you know we are lying on our beds, knee-deep into the 75th episode of the day, as the sun rises behind us and our eyes gorge out to know what will happen next. The entire day as planned, goes to complete waste as we struggle to keep awake while doing out chores. Where is the concentration, where is the focus? Our work starts to lag and we are the ones to take the blame, unhinged, unafraid, going back only to our screens to feel better. Ironically most people are aware of this lack of focus in their lives but giving up on the internet seems too alien a task. Well, it may be, but if you see yourself losing the prime years of your life as success slowly starts hiding behind your laptop and mobile screens, it is time for you to disconnect from this connection. 

Why Staying ‘Always Connected’ is bad:  

An excess of too much is always bad just like the lack of it is. As Shakespeare states, it is best to settle for mediocrity. It is the same for everything in your lie. Too much exercise can break your bones. Too much love can lead to enmity. Too much food can lead to stomach issues. Nobody does all these throughout the day as they know of its harm. So why should we be online, always connected, throughout the day? We fail to understand the amount of work we can do in the duration of watching just two episodes of the latest Netflix show! Once we lead a balanced life, we feel more settled, positive, and stabilized with ourselves and our surroundings. Years from now when you are rotting on your deathbed, you won’t remember the shows you spent half of your life watching but the memories you made with actual people in flesh and bones. Thus, one must try and not let the internet take over one's life. 

Tips To Stay Disconnected: 

Start by taking baby steps. Set limits on your usage of the internet for leisure purposes. Start with 3 hours or 4 hours and slowly cut down as you get used to the routine. Replace every urge of checking your phone with the pending task you have been procrastinating for so long. Keep your wifi, mobile data, and other connections switched off throughout the day so the notifications don’t get in your way. Switch it on only when needed. There are many different apps like SelfControl and FocusMe which can be downloaded. These apps effectively block distracting sites and do not allow the user to use the internet for leisure purposes when their set limit is completed. On the side, you can simultaneously get your work done. 

Disconnecting from the internet will bring back the focus in life and help you rejuvenate your concentration. Try it and you will soon see the difference it makes!