Bring Success and Happiness in Your Home and Life by Performing Ganesh Puja 2020

Bring Success and Happiness in Your Home and Life by Performing Ganesh Puja 2020



Human life never remains in one path throughout their lifetime journey, sometimes it will have positive outcomes while other times it may encounter negative downfalls. In pessimistic times like these pure devotees have always believed praying to god serves them with an aisle to follow. Worshiping to a deity might also assist a devotee in organizing their thoughts and gaining strength to go through a bad time. Hindu religious history documents the existence of 33 crores [330 million] gods and goddesses who serve a significant purpose. Lord Shiva is known as the creator and destroyer of the universe and he is worshiped by his devotees because fulfill their wishes in life similarly goddess Durga is worshiped to keep away malicious demon asura from affecting the life of mankind on Earth.



Ganesh is often implored as the beginning of any Hindu Ritual because he is believed to invoke good omen among devotees before they proceed to conduct any auspicious activity. The divine meaning the name Ganesh lies in the contents of the universe, Gana in Sanskrit translates as atoms, molecules, and energy that the universe holds and Ganesh implies to the supreme god that holds authority and control over all these forces. He pervades in all the aspects of the universe hence is responsible for bringing ordain on the energies. Despite being born to god and goddess why does Ganesh’s head resemble that of an Elephant? Mythology documents that Ganesh was created by goddess Parvati with clay and then life were induced in him once Ganesh was established he was told to secure the gates for Parvati as she was taking a bath. Shiva approached and demanded to enter considering that he was Parvati’s husband but the Ganesh completely denied obeying his mother. Shiva being denied access filled with wrath beheaded Ganesh’s head from his body. Parvati's impulse out of extreme grief gave her husband the ultimatum to bring her son back that is when shiva’s disciples brought a baby elephant's head which was attached to Ganesh’s detached body. This is the story behind the birth of the elephant god.


Lord Ganesh has always been given the pedestal of utmost divinity who possess most powers

The elephant god is worshiped by devotees for the following reasons

o   Achintya: the one who is beyond mortal thoughts

o   Avayakta: the god is beyond expression

o   Ananta: the eternal god




ELIMINATE OBSTACLE: God Ganesh is also known by the name Vighnakartra who is the creator of an obstacle but at the same time the destroyer of obstacle too, though it is popularly believed among his devotees that the hardships created by lord Ganesh are for the betterment of mankind and to teach them the power of strength but worshiping Ganesh can help to abolish the obstacles before doing any task.


ALMIGHTY OF IMMENSE KNOWLEDGE: Because of the elephant head and big ears Ganesh is considered an indication of knowledge and immense spirituality and it is worshiped by devotees in schools and colleges. The big the ear also portrays that lord Ganesh is listening to every word his devotees are praying for.


TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Shiva declared Ganesh to be the ultimate winner after he won a competition with his brother Kartika with intelligence and spirituality of heart so it is believed among devotees that worshiping Ganesh before any big project will assist in achieving success.



In 2020 Ganesh Chaturthi or Ganesh Puja is on August 22 and Ananta Chaturdashi is on September 1st. Ganesh Chaturdashi is on the fourth day of the waxing moon period also known as Shukla Chaturthi in the Hindu calendar. Ganesh is worshipped for 10 to 11 days among devotees where huge idols of the elephant god are created and prayed with lights and sounds. These few days are concluded not just a time of immense festivity but also embarkation of spirituality and purity in heart. Reliable resources also say that the Mafia team of Mumbai lays off from their crime just to celebrate the purity and sanctity of the auspicious occasion.



The day when the idol is submerged it is done with devotees dancing around and chanting mantras of lord Ganesh and with utmost solidarity they bid farewell to their deity.