Breaking the Covid-19 Pandemic into Parts Through the Course of Numerology!!

Breaking the Covid-19 Pandemic into Parts Through the Course of Numerology!!

Superstitions and predictions walk hand in hand just like numbers and letters do, Speaking of numbers, What is your take on numerology? Do you think that numerology can work past just the individual section? Well, if you dont think so then we are here to prove you wrong my friend.

As for this article, we have the quirkiest calculations lined up, the global pandemic will be measured through the course of numerology here in this article. So, let us have a look at what does this article suggests about the trying situation were facing.

Speaking of numerology and the connection that it holds with the global pandemic, well, this might seem a little pointless to some of you out there. But whats the harm in ruling out a message that this virus tends to convey? There are several aspects that we all had to undergo just to attain the minimal necessity of just being alive. So, let us handle this virus through a sample of numbers.


First and foremost let us begin with a few calculations, speaking of, the virus is spelled as COVID-19. Now, as well all know that letters and numbers do have a romantic relationship as they walk hand in hand while we determine ones fate through numerology.

The letters involve in COVID shall be taken into analysis and all the numbers ranked after each alphabet in the series needs to be added. Dont worry if youre a little handicapped in calculations we will simply it out for you. There is a numerical list of all the alphabets and, so all you need to do is to spot these letters in the name of this virus and sum up all the numbers to get one specific leading number.


So, the number that comes out after breaking down all the parts and adding all the other parts is the number 8. And this number denotes the factors like power, influence, finance, and control.

Well, this sure is not a shocker for me, because all the adjectives that convey this number perfectly match the current characteristics of the pandemic. this virus tends to influence the entire mankind, it aims at controlling the movement of all the forces, it depicts the most destructive power of all times and most importantly it aims at blocking certain financial movements in between the economies.


Speaking of the second half, which is the number 19, after the letters. So, now all we need to do is an additional calculation which in turn further gives us a culminating number. Adding into 19 will give us the summed-up score- 1+9= 10, which means 1 in numerological terms. Now, this number will be added to 8, which gives us 9.


Speaking of the number nine, this number gives us the indication of compassion, selfless personality, humanitarian deeds, and all in all in suggests universal wisdom. Now examining all these indications from the culminating number, you will get the fade that this COVID-19 scenario tends to portray the advent of new opportunities to get rid of your old habits and adopt a few new ones just for the betterment of your heath.

Moreover, yes this pandemic sure is a hard one, but looking closely into it, it does portray the selfless deeds of all the health line workers and compassion of the charitable communities to step forward and help the needy.

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The above calculations will give you a big-time kick in realizing the facts behind this virus through the course of numerology. But as per what we witness the situation is worsening and worst comes to worst were sure that you dont want your mental breakdowns to get in the way of our global fight with the pandemic. Trust the faith within you, grab the opportunity to make the best of your connections, keep hoping for things to be the way they were and most importantly, stay connected to your values and figure out the key to your calm amidst these trying times.