Books are the mirror to what you educate yourself with. They enlighten you with the imagination or the perspective, you have thought of. It takes you to the different parts of the world, sitting in a room itself. Have you ever wondered what magic can it do to the brain and the thought process of an individual?

If you feel that there is no hope for the future and you are feeling left out or defeated, it is all an illusion of your mind. Even if you are going through a disaster, it is always profitable to keep in mind that just like the good situations turn into a bad, the bad situations takes a leap towards the good times as well.

Here the books that will introduce you to the encouragement that you need to feel while living life. Life is not just to survive but to feel every moment and these books make us realize that beautiful feeling.


Author Paulo Coelho came up with the best seller novel named The Alchemist. This book enlightens us about the spiritual truth that we are surviving on. The novel holds the exquisite story of a young shepherd adhering to the truth of life. Though the portrayal of the characters is weak due to the conceptual level of writing it as a fable with the course of time, it became a beautiful lesson to follow in our lifetime. It emphasizes the internal fear that blocks the blessings. The fear of the suffering in our mind is darker than the suffering itself. It says that it is always beautiful to go after the dreams you want to achieve and the Universe will make sure that you get it. These are the few golden lessons that have been mentioned here. For the self-awareness and motivation for life and success, it is undoubtedly one of the creations that Coelho has gifted to us.


Author Napoleon Hill wrote this eminent book, inspired by the business tycoon, Andrew Carnegie. It was published in the year, 1937. The book holds a beautiful theory in the progress and the growth of life and lifestyle. Vivid research was executed by the author by observing different successful people for the decades before writing the previous novel. The book is focused on the sense of improving your own self and how to understand the pros and cons of living a successful lifestyle. This book not only inspires but brings out the best of a person.


When we struggle in our life, be it in love, family, and career. We tend to become confused and dive in the madness the goes inside our mind which cannot be understood by others. Author Tony Robbins helps us to pull ourselves out from the current of confusion and present us with the idea of overcoming the hurdles and the obstacles that we are going through. The book helps to control our own emotions or mind and improves the self-emotion and love. We live in the physical world which deals with thousand problems in a day but if we are focused on how to handle it sensibly from the soul within, everything becomes smooth as water and life flows in the right direction. The book steers the sense of understanding that creates a great comfort for living life with satisfaction. It will change your views or ideas of life.


When life feels like there is no hope to live or the happiness is fading with each passing day, we should always remember, life changes in a minute. Author Bill Burnet and Author Dave Evans will help you guide the tracks to make your life that it is worth all the happiness and you deserve it all. There are steps in the book that needs to be followed to get towards meaningful success. The book portrays itself as the reader and shows them the details that completely fit the individual’s life. It is the great process of understanding the drawbacks and framing the life, you want to live in.

Every book holds a beautiful gate towards a whole new world. It depends on the readers how they accept and adapt it. With the proper dedication and devotion to these books mentioned above, it will definitely take you the heights that you have been searching for. These books not only improve the knowledge of your own self but also helps in highlighting a whole new level of enjoying the life we have been bestowed with. We have one life and these books will show the reality of the success that we have been thriving for so long.

I hope, after reading these books, you feel blessed for the life you have been granted.