Bond with your tarot deck with these easy tips

Bond with your tarot deck with these easy tips

One of the most frequently asked questions about a brand new tarot deck is, "How do I connect with it?"

Can you imagine how it feels to hold a brand new deck of cards, still immaculately wrapped, and feel the promise it holds? A person falls in love with it just by seeing it, by getting to know it.

This worldwide fame is also attributed to the mythic status of the tarot cards, a form of divination that is surrounded by many rumors and stories about the right way to use and read them. 

Here are some ways to stay bonded with your cards. Don't think there is a right or wrong way, as there are no rules.

Choosing what you want is the only thing you need to do.

I hope you enjoy reading!


Take some time to look over a new deck of cards. You will be surprised by how good they are. Don't let anyone interrupt you for a few moments. Consider switching off your phone, and maybe picking up a notepad and pen if you feel compelled to do so. Check out what's inside the box by peeling off the wrapper.

Look at each card individually, in order. Alternatively, you might want to search for your birth certificate or favorite card first.

Keep in mind that you will be developing your own relationship with these cards. As you become familiar with your deck, you will make up your own ideas about its meaning when you learn about the creator's intention. Discover the cards' meanings and associations for yourself. Feel free to disregard anything that is simply a statement of fact!


I like a few simple rituals to prepare my deck for use, but you can find countless ways to do so. If we bring some intention to the process, we will make these methods more effective.

Don't forget to communicate with your deck throughout the process! By performing this ritual, what are you trying to achieve? Can your cards help you build a relationship? What are your goals for your tarot journey? During the time of cleansing and charging your new tarot deck, I highly recommend infusing it with these hopes and intentions by speaking them aloud or simply imagining them.


A full moon is one of the most potent times of the lunar cycle for harnessing peak energy, and many readers also experience a cleansing and clearing energy from the moon's bright light at this time. You also get to benefit from the moon's most intense light - your deck is cleansed of any lingering dullness.

You can also keep your deck clean and charged by letting the sunshine on it. Let your deck catch a few rays on a bright afternoon to keep it fresh. You should not leave your deck out in the sun for too long -- the print may fade if it is exposed to the sun for too long.


A great way to break the ice when meeting a new client is with an interview spread, but a drawing daily with your new deck is also a great way to build on that first meeting. Whether you're just getting started with a deck or starting from scratch, learning tarot is very overwhelming at first, and a daily drawing helps us to slowly build our competence and familiarity with the cards.


After cleaning your deck, interviewing it, and doing a few drawings, you've decided it's time to make a decision. Where do we go from here?

A reader can develop a deep relationship and understanding with a deck by closely working with it for months (or even years). What a beautiful thing! At first, the process may seem amorphous - as if, after we've got a tarot deck, what is it even for?


You can compare it to making a new friend when you get a new tarot deck. You need to start getting to know the unique characteristics of your deck in order to bond with it.

The card positions for this spread are:

1. Describe yourself to me. In what way do you stand out?

2. Are you a deck with any particular strengths?

3. Do you have any limitations as a deck?

4. What am I supposed to learn from you?

To be more precise, It is believed that bad stories are only good if they feel relevant to the present. Tarot decks should be bonded in a way that feels right to you. This is your tarot story, and you get to choose what will happen!