Blue Moon - Journeying with your Wondrous Eyes

Blue Moon - Journeying with your Wondrous Eyes

Blue Moon is just around the corner. The world joins hands to celebrate the most anticipated times of the year on the 31st of October which fully embraces Halloween Hunter’s, Blue Moon. Tonight's lucid hunter moon graces its presence on the day of Halloween. It is also deemed as the blue moon as it comes second in this calendar month. Since the pandemic is almost closing, Halloween night has finally arrived near us. This is the time of the year where people from all races, cultures as well as communities come under one roof to relish all the perks of this eerie night. The sky will be filled with the moon of orange muted hues arising from the eastern horizon. This once in a Blue Moon will finally leave you bewildered for real. It will appear under the embellishments of the dark sky and all over the world sky-gazers will be able to experience one night of an experience. You can come out to view its beauty on 31st October, around 8:18 pm sharp. These colors appear on the surface of the moon when the tiny particles get left behind in the sky.


The planet of this week would be Uranus as an opponent. Saturday will encounter a change when it will view the most distant planet of the sky Uranus come to terms with the opposition. It will reach the destination (opposition). Earth will grace its presence between Uranus and the sun, the blue-green colored planet will become closer than ever. It is quite evident that the multi-colored planet will be yet 19 times closer to the distance of the sun and the earth.  It will exude shine at a +5.7 of magnitude. Here we will be beguiled by the fact that the 7th planet oozing out from the sun will be peeking from the right cusp of the naked eye. Hence, it will glance through its visibility. Moon watchers can have a look at a beautiful view of Uranus any time of the day, until the next month. Tonight it will surge in the east at the time of sunset and will dive into the waters in the west during the sunrise. Some good choices will be bestowed to make. We may find it with our most exciting eyes under the covers of a dark sky or would likely exhibit in the pairs of a minuscules telescope which will be near the constellation of Cetus. It takes nearly  84 years to orbit around the sun. So, it won't be budging too much as we move forward in the next week. It will have a slight appearance in blue and green color. Blend of both.



COMET P1 NEOWISE is deemed as the object of this week. Though it is not regarded as the naked eye object, in case you want to desperately view it, then a pair of binoculars would be required to peek a sneak-peek of Comet P1 NEOWISE. It is also known as Comet C/2020 P1 NEOWISE. It is a beautiful looking comet that will touch upon us. Known as the legendary one, it ensures to entertain the sky-gazers with an equal amount of energy. Fuelled with immense vibes, this comet is going to do its best to keep the peace going around the sky. No sound and no thud that would fall on the ground. This comet is not likely to fall on the ground so people who think it won't be lucky for them at all times. Well, the comet is going to remain unchanged when it comes to the weather patterns or any external factors that relate to the sky. Sunrise will be emphasized upon more than the other features of the sky. It will bring out the best outcomes for the Blue Moon watchers. You will experience lucid dreams just when midnight falls. It will come across recurrent rates for those who are away from witch-hunting times. This Blue Moon will drop and have a direct effect upon the comet of the earth.