Birthdays and You- What your Birthday Tells about You

Birthdays and You- What your Birthday Tells about You

Believe it or not, almost everything about our birth has a lot to say about who we are! It may sound silly at first but since the minute we were born, our life had already been mapped out by the powers and forces revolving above. The date of our birth, also tells us our personality types. This is called the numerology of the birthday number. Numerology has its roots in astrology. Do you want to find what your birthday numerology tells about you? Keep reading below! 


What your Birthday Tells About you: 


Born on the 1st: 

People born on the 1st are generally very determined in life and create opportunities on the way for themselves. They also love trying out new adventures. 


Born on the 2nd: 

If you were born on the 2nd, you sure have a talent for finding new solutions! You are very intuitive and possess an unbiased nature. 


Born on the 3rd: 

People born on the 3rd are very expressive and communicative about their thoughts. They also possess a charismatic charm.  


Born on the 4th: 

If you were born on the 4th, you are an expert in bringing rationality and stability to a situation. You are also hardworking and dependable. 


Born on the 5th:

People born on the 5th are very flexible and adaptable to situations. This is why they can adjust to any situation in life.  


Born on the 6th: 

The biggest gift you possess is your gentle and big heart. You have an instinct of helping and healing others. You possess a gentle and warm vibe. 


Born on the 7th: 

People born on the 7th possess a refined mind and love venturing into life’s mysteries. They are very curious and love to find out new things. T 


Born on the 8th: 

Your story is one of success. You possess great talent with which you can shine above the rest. You are also very ambitious. 


Born on the 9th: 

You love working for the greater good and your compassion makes you outshine. You are a very giving and generous soul. 


Born on the 10th: 

This birthdate is blessed with strong leadership skills. You possess a sharp mind, are very organized, and have an eye for detail. 


Born on the 11th: 

You possess a strong intuition that helps you decipher thoughts, emotions, and situations. You are very keen and aware of things happening around you. 


Born on the 12th: 

You live for creativity and it is what drives you. Your imagination is of great benefit especially while expressing your thoughts. 


Born on the 13th: 

You are a conscious worker and always come up with creative ideas. You also can turn your ideas into realistic ventures, something others benefit from. 


Born on the 14th: 

You love the thrill of adventure and jumping into new things. Yet, you are wise enough to stop and think of the consequences. 


Born on the 15th: 

You possess an innate gift of loving others. You are very loyal, caring, and supportive too.  


Born on the 16th: 

You are blessed with an inquisitive mind that helps you understand the world better. You can also read people’s feelings. 


Born on the 17th: 

You are an independent and ambitious soul. You work best alone and produce impeccable results. 


Born on the 18th: 

You are an individual who is both open-hearted and open-minded. You are also fiercely independent.  


Born on the 19th: 

Being independent and self-sufficient, are necessities to you. You do not fear taking big risks in life. 


Born on the 20th: 

You are one of the most cooperative souls. You are the perfect example of teamwork. People should learn from you. 


Born on the 21st: 

Your go-to setting is socializing and making new friends. You also embody a natural charm and strong communication skills. 


Born on the 22nd: 

This number gives you the power to do great things in life. You are determined as well as hard working. 


 Born on the 23rd: 

You possess a unique zest for life and love trying new things. You are also very loyal to your loved ones. 


Born on the 24th: 

The number 24 blesses you with a heart of gold, patience, and perseverance. You are optimistic and inspire others. 


Born on the 25th: 

You possess the unique ability to take in and process information. You are curious and immensely aware. 

Born on the 26th: 

You have a desire to succeed in life and work hard towards it. Your awareness helps you come up with innovative solutions to problems.  


Born on the 27th: 

You are a soul who is extremely open-minded, flexible, and accepting. You are also very affectionate and loving. 


Born on the 28th: 

You are a person who can make a compassionate and expert leader. You love bringing people together and succeed in the same. 


Born on the 29th: 

The number predicts that you have the special ability to bring people together. Your powerful insights help you with the same. 


Born on the 30th: 

This number says you are an original thinker, expert orator, and are very innovative. Your creativity helps you every step of the way. 


Born on the 31st: 

You have the unique practical plus imaginative approach towards life. You also possess excellent organizational skills.