Birth chart: The three signs and our personality

Astrology has been gaining popularity in recent years. But it is often only limited to the ‘horoscopes’ seen on the ending sections of a newsletter or a site. Astrology is several times more than that. These horoscopes are almost always limited to our sun signs which we share with millions of others. We all can surely not have the same fate, right?

Natal chart or birth chart is one such the aspect of astrology that keeps the capability to reveal accurate details about the future in a particular person’s life. Unlike generalized horoscopes, a birth chart is specific and precise to the life of a unique person living a unique life. 

A birth chart is a map comprising of the exact position of all the planets during the time of birth. Astrologers create this using the exact birth time, place, and date of an individual. Not only limited to our sun sign, a birth chart includes our moon sign and also our rising sign.

We all are individual beings living lives like no other and thus it makes no sense that we would be looking forward to the same day as anyone else in the entire world, let alone millions of them. Thus, simply looking for our Sun sign only ever results in many misconceptions and multiple inaccurate predictions. 

The Sun sign.

The most widely known area of astrology, there would be hardly anyone who wouldn’t be aware of their sun sign. Many even know the signs of their best friends, friends, crush, ex, family members, or even that cute bartender. When you know the birth date of a person, you know their sun sign, but that doesn’t mean you know them. 

Sun sign is usually the dominant aspect of our personality. It describes our basic personality traits that are present all through our highs and lows. It also determines the external personality of an individual which may or may not reflect the internal self. 

The Moon sign.

This is usually the hidden aspect of our nature. It rules our deeper instincts and influences our intuitive side. It is the subconscious side of our personality and hence our hidden desires are ruled by our moon sign. Our emotional side, our intuitive side, and our dark side, all come under our moon sign. This is usually determined by an individual’s birth time. Your sun sign could be all about being conserved in the emotional aspect, never being vulnerable in front of anyone. But if your moon sign says otherwise, if your moon sign is very emotional, there is nothing your sun sign can do to stop you from crying and feeling bad. 

The Rising sign. 

The sign that becomes your first impression, the social personality influences, a person’s rising sign is a game-changer. The traits coming due to the Sun sign of an individual can change completely because of a revolutionizing rising sign. Also known as the ascendant sign, it influences the traits of an individual that comes out during a social situation. And hence the bold Leo (sun sign) can show shy traits in social situations because of their shy ascendant sign, let’s say, Pisces.

The mixture of the three.

A person’s complete personality includes who they are around public, who they are in general situations, around people they are close to, and finally who they are when no one’s watching. Judging a person simply based on their sun sign is not going to take us anywhere. So next time you want to know more about the cute bartender, remember to ask him where and when on the clock was he born.


Astrology is more than Sun sign it is even more than all these signs combined. These signs combined sure give us an insight over how a person’s personality is. But to be able to predict the future, to point towards the right career, or to make any other predictions like marriage, health, finances, etc. Astrologers look deep within this complicated map called a birth chart and we should leave it to them to make correct predictions rather than trying our hand at it. 

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