Born between October 23rd and November 21st are the people with the utmost amount of creativity and a deadly instinct. Here we have the Scorpios, all ready to conquer the world like no other leader ever did. They have the zest to change the world and they also tend to have several outstanding talents which makes them the most unique water zodiac sign. Even though Scorpios give the impression of a fire sign on the first go, but underneath that fierce and fiery covering, you will always spot a tender and emotional heart of the scorpions. They are extremely passionate and strategic when it comes to decision making in their love life or their day to day life as well.  


Well, since we are living in a generation that survives on ‘Netflix and Chill’ so it is quite natural to notice certain characters through a different lens. Weird right? But binge-watching shows are addictive to an extent that you tend to compare several characters with zodiacs. I’m pretty sure that, we all have a curious, persistent, and strategic Scorpio in our lives likewise, these extraordinary shows have quite individualistic characters with several similar traits with scorpions. So, let’s analyze a few characters from a critical Scorpio lens. Get ready to rediscover some of your favorite characters through a zodiac scanner. 

To begin with, we have a not so mellow character with the sharpest brain of all and an aura as stark as a night sky, Sherlock Holmes. Not to brag, but the devious and the mystic brain of scorpions do have something in common with the character of Holmes. His deeply investigative mind, the will to reach out on a conclusion no matter what, his stubbornness and determination all together give us a clear picture of a Scorpio. As per Sherlock’s traits, his will to keep his emotions under a hard covering and portraying his passion out loud is what clearly gives us a scorpion vibe. 

Next up we have the lover boy from the movie ‘The Ugly Truth’ Gerard Butler. If not all, Gerard Butler’s character in the movie does share a great part of his characteristics to that of a scorpion. His pessimistic and detached kinda attitude gives us a solid scorpion vibe, doesn’t it? His character was based on the principles of not falling in love but later as the movie progresses, he was seen falling deeply and passionately in love with the female protagonist of the movie. Obviously, this portrays the fact that Scorpios act like they are all firm and stark, but deep down they do have the most tender and compassionate heart. 

Lastly, let’s embrace the bold and sensuous Scorpio women with a perfect example of a character from a Bollywood movie. Reshma, played by Vidya Balan in Dirty picture is depicted as a perfect portrayal of a scorpion woman. It’s hard to find a scorpion woman without a huge list of admirers as they have an aura so passionate that it gets difficult to get past them. Reshma’s character portrays all the passion, magnetism, the blunt personality, and the hopeless romantic every Scorpio woman has it deep down. So, all in all, we a wide range of characters with several similar traits as Scorpions. 

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