Some Tarot cards are very important in showing the correct time and moment to reconcile with someone. You might have to find the reasons that lead to all the drift and then try to forgive one another.

The tarot cards which are good for reconciliation is:

List of reconciliation cards tarot- 

The Hanged man

Justice Tarot card

Page of Cups

Judgment Tarot Card

Six of Cups

Two of Cups

Temperance Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot Card

The following are some important cards which indicate reconciliation tarot spread and might help you to understand your relationship on a deeper level. Each of these cards will have a different the lesson for you to learn.

The Page of Cups:

This card is entire of you. The pages in this card symbolize new things and the suit made of cups stands for emotions as well as relationships.

The appearance of the page of cups in your life mark towards you experiencing new and better things in life. You might learn to interact with people in new ways. 

Any fight experienced by you with someone will make you a new person now. All your reactions of the past were made by the old and different you.

You are now very mature and open. All the past fights will now be reconciled due to you having a better perspective in life. 

Six of Cups:

This is based on nostalgia and it will mark towards the fact that some people of your past might come in your life now.

A person with whom you might have had a fight is likely to appear in your life again. However, there are chances that you might just spend a lot of time thinking about that person. 

As soon as Six of Cups is seen in your life, you will understand how a particular person had a place in your life in the past but now is the time to move towards better relationships.

Two of Cups Tarot Card:

This card mostly signifies balance when it comes to relationships. There are chances that either one of you is showing more effort in the relationship than your partner or else one is expecting a lot more from their partner.

This card will teach you the fact that when in a loving relationship, both the partners need to feel content and feel that they are receiving as much as they are giving. Both need to be felt equal when in a relationship. 

With this card in your life, you have to look back and think if you somehow are causing any sort of problem in your life. Two of Cups will tell you to reconcile with your partner using appropriate measures.

Judgment Tarot Card:

If this card has to be seen from the reconciliation cards tarot point of view, then it will indicate that you need to change and move forward with life.

You basically have to judge your relationship now. You have to see what went well in your relationship, what went bad, and which things could have been in a different way. 

However, the relationship between you and your partner will no end. All you have to do is learn from your shortcomings and then make appropriate changes in your relationship in order to make it better.

This is the perfect time to start from scratch and make better decisions. Your relationships are likely to survive if you take appropriate measures. 

Tower Tarot Card:

This indicates the presence of a relationship at the wrong time. You have to remember that the self-destructed relationships happen for a particular reason.

There are times when your relationship was just not right for you as well as your partner or else the timings were wrong. This card tells me that you will have to break everything in order to start something new and better. 

Tower will tell that any past relationship that would have ended, it had to happen for a reason and was best at that point of time.

Justice Tarot Card:

As soon as you start facing some sort of imbalance in your relationships, this card is likely to show up in your life. This card symbolizes karma.

It will teach you to be open and listen to both sides when in an argument. You have to understand the perspective of other people too and understand that everyone is different. 

With a Justice card in your life, you might have to keep emotions aside and accept all the shortcomings. In case the situation worsens, the help of a counselor will be needed.