Leo’s which are represented by the symbol of the lion is known for their courageous, passionate and leader-like nature. These are creative individuals with child-like innocence. They love being in the spotlight and adore the idea of being in the centre of attention. Compliments and flattery are what these cuties secretly desire. Similarly in relationships, they adore their partners and expect the same in return. Competitive and dominant, they can be egoistic and stubborn sometimes, that can create tensions in their love lives. Leo’s are best matched with their fellow fire signs: Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, and alternatively with the air signs: Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.

Let’s learn more about their compatibility with these signs -

Leo and Aries

Since both of these are fire signs, there understanding and mutual respect for each other are what make them a perfect match. Their similar temperaments, energy and passions are the key factor in their bonding which makes these a power couple. Leo’s are comparatively slow and lazy, but Aries has a high dose of it gives the scope of a lot of adventures and fun in their lives. It never gets boring between these two. Their fights can be very messy and aggressive but somehow both of them together manage to bring their calm back.

Leo and Sagittarius

These two are astrologically designed to be together. Both of these signs share similar thinking and goals and are an inspiration to each other. Sagittarius being calmer and level headed as compared to the Leo’s, acts as a balancing force in their relationship, thus helping them build a strong foundation in their relationship. They hardly ever argue, as both believe in having clear communication, and are open about their emotions. Sharing similar love for freedom and adventure, together they have a lot of fun and excitement. They remain faithful to each other, and their marriage life turns out to be really successful.

Leo and Leo

Compatibility with fellow Sun Signs is always a fruitful one. Being the same signs, these two form a strong relationship based on similar interests. As both of them love attention, it will be understandable to both of them, and in fact that mutual desire makes them quite popular among their social circles. Clear communication, love for adventure, and desire to be adored by everyone, sharing these similar traits makes it very easy to commit to each other for the long term, thus living a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Leo and Libra

This couple is the popular ones we see in social gatherings. Both of them love attention, and this mutual desire bonds them really close. Also these two share deep emotional connections as well, thus together live a very balanced and smooth life. There may be some lack of trust between them, but since both of them are good communicators, they work their way out of it.

Leo and Gemini

These two make a very fun-loving couple. Highly social, these couples are loved by everyone around them. Although they look at life through different lenses, it doesn’t cause any trouble as they complement them very well. Creative and passionate, both share a lot in common, thus building each other up and making each other stronger. When it comes to marriage, Gemini’s are a little shy and fear a long term commitment as compared to Leo’s. But once decided, both will have each other's back no matter what happens.

Leo and Aquarius

Just like other air signs, this sign also fuels Leo's fire. Among others, this air sign is most compatible with Leo as these complements and get along very well. They have a lot in common, be it their love for adventure, or having big dreams and ideas, to having intellectual and visionary conversations. The connection they share is very deep, and this makes their bonding really strong. Aquarius comes up with ideas and creative inputs while Leo helps with its manifestation. Together they are a power couple with the ability to make some major impact in their surroundings. The only matter that may bother these two with Aquarius’ inability to show up their emotions as Leo’s are very open about them and would expect the same from their partner. Although these two have different approaches to look at things, together they fit in a very supportive way, thus being a perfect match for each other.