October is considered as the most auspicious month in the astrology calendar, there is no doubt about that. The best days start from 17th October until the 28th of October. Without further ado, let's see what unravels for the lucky ones on these lucky days?




This day is known to be very auspicious. It is called as Shardiya Navaratri. These are the nine days of mother divine. This day brings a great amount of wealth, immense prosperity, good and sound health, longer life, and a lot of intellectual knowledge. You will encounter a great deal of spiritual progress as well as attract an abundance of wealth. Your memory will enhance on this day and a peaceful mind will strike away all the stress. This day beings hope to eliminate all the troubles of life which you have resisted for too long. You will have the happiest day ever today. A lot of positive support on the way. This day will force you to lock horns with mental as well as physical energies. Psychological anxieties will hush away in no time and you will encounter a quick improvement health-wise. The stream of 9 days will keep you away from any sort of fatal dangers of life and will let you have a wonderful and safe sleep. If you are not in any job, you will have a great chance to get employed in a great firm. You will encounter abundances of success in your venture. This is the right time to get a good husband or wife. This is the day where you will encounter huge happiness in your married life. This is the day you have been waiting until the end of time, as it will eliminate all the major conflicts from life. All your desires and wishes will be fulfilled. And there will be a great amount of support in any court case. Your life feels full at this point.



20th-28th OCTOBER


In the span of these 9 days, you will be bestowed immense harmony in your marriage. Good relation between the father and son duo. 20th October is known as the Vinyaka Chaturthi and it stands for removal of obstacles. These days eliminate all sorts of problems and staves off any kind of psychological fears or trauma. You will receive an abundance of knowledge and face joy in marriage. You will encounter a great deal of fortune in life in terms of wealth. 21st October is called as Skanta Shashti. This symbolizes leadership. You will have your fears removed. Your relationships will improve, and gain a lot of knowledge. Wealth is on your side. You will have all the troubles removed from your life. Talking about 24th October, it is known as Durga Ashtami. It gives you immense protection from email

You will have good peace of mind, the surge in wealth value, harmony in your life in terms of marriage, beat any illness or disease, sense of progress, success in education value, and uphold good values in the society. Whereas 25th calls for Vijaya Dashami. Known as the Victory Day, it brings victory to people. They will experience a stream of spiritual progress which will bound to give you an overall development. You will have great educational value at this time. You will have a great influence on society and people will start to like you further with time. If you are experiencing any skin disease, then it will be removed with a lot of immense detail. In this case, your health will also be enhanced.  You will be very safe, at the same time you are bound to go skin deep into a very intense expedition. All the issues will be gone by the end of the time. You will have an abundance of knowledge. Have healthy children and remove all the obstacles from life. All the desires will get fulfilled. Now coming down to 26th October, wealth becomes the topmost priority for the people. It is known as Papankusha Ekadashi. You will have a new evolution of life, which means a lot of money will grow on the tree. Major issues will be resolved. For 28th October, material progress will strike on the surface.