Benefits of Essential Oils

Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the essential, fragrant and mild extracts from the various parts of a plethora of plants. They are hydrophobic, sometimes colloidal and highly volatile liquids, they evaporate very easily. Essential oils have a tract from the very old history of folk medicines, both in India and abroad, though the concept of "oils" arose much later in India, where the concept of "paste" was more prevalent(like sandalwood paste, Jadibuti paste, Sanjeevini paste). Most common essential oils include clove, lavender, patchouli, eucalyptus and peppermint. These are derived from the distillations of plant extracts, from the destruction of plant parts like roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, bark and etc. Essential oils are mostly ingested. They are considered to be harmful if taken in large amount or amounts which are not standardised. Hence one must use essential oils on recommendation and prescription. Essential oils may act as anaesthetics and some as mintop oils. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy mostly, a form of chakra healing, that employs the usage of plant extracts and essence for well being. 


Nowadays, in modern aromatherapy in spas, essential oils are meant to be just inhaled and not ingested to allay with the possibility of any negative impact. Essential oils stimulate the Limbic system of the brain, which is the emotional seat of the human body. It controls the hypothetical notions of how and when do we behave the way we actually do. They are meant to control the reactions of anger, pain and fear. The Limbic system controls several psychological processes and the functioning of the conscious, unconscious and the subconscious mind. 


The basic uses of the 10 most widely used essential oils are

• JASMINE: it helps in the prolonging of sexual pleasure, connects the spiritual centre with the sexual centre. It also helps in childbirth, the proper functioning of the reproductive system. It also helps in treating depression. 

• CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is usually ingested in the form of Chamomile tea sometimes. It is also inhaled via a towel. It helps in elevating the mood chakras and helps in the calming of the human body and mind.

• YLANG-YLANG(इलंग-इलंग तेल): It treats ailments of the knowledge centre. It treats meningitis, migraines and skin ailments 

• LAVENDER: It treats the body of stress, anxiety and calms the chakras.

• SANDALWOOD: Sandalwood is usually applied as a taste, and the tree is grown in courtyards for a constant smell. It is also used in perfumes. Sandalwood calms the nervous functioning, smoothens the synapse between them and helps with focus.

• ROSE: Rose is an age-old concept of beauty and hence it is used to improve mood, stress and anxiety. It is also said to have anti-ageing properties.

• TEA-TREE: Green tea is said to have very high weight reducing properties. It is used in the boosting of immunity and fighting infections. 

• LEMON: The concept of finger bowls came as a result of using lemon essence as the cleansing agent. It is used to fight infections, also helps with digestion, headaches and moods.

• BERGAMOT: Bergamot is also found in many skin creams. It has beautifying properties and is good for the skin.

• PEPPERMINT: Peppermint is mostly used for the energising of oneself and sometimes indigestion.


Essential oils are also used as perfumes by many people, the secret of which was known by Arabs and the introduced the auspicious "Ittar". They are the parts of many high profile brand products, which rely on the betterment via the use of natural products. Essential oils have also been used as insecticides. They are said to abate the ill effects of growing pests and arthropods around. Sometimes any form of the strong-smelling substance is said to scare away pests, like coffee or phenyl. They are species-specific toxins, like they may cause no necessary harm to mammals. They have used a mosquito repellants, like neem oil spray, which is good for both skins and reducing the scourge of mosquitoes. Essential oils though may not treat any chronic and acute illness, they are used as products of healing the chakras. Essential oils are used in food as both preservatives and enhancers of flavours. Garlic oil, eucalyptus oil, Balsam oil are used as antiseptics in food, for their preservatives qualities. Zaffran, Rose, and Kewda have been used as taste enhancers.