Be Friends With The Three Of Cups

Be Friends With The Three Of Cups

John Donne famously quoted “No man is an Island”. We all wish to have people around us. The end goal in the life of all living beings is to be happy and it is a life wasted if a materialistic successful person does not have anyone to share the possessions with.

No man can seemingly exist on their own, like an island amid a tranquil sea. The sea can be ever-changing life that can submerge an island metaphor for a man very easily.

Humans are social animals, they need people and connections to exist and The art of the Tarot understands the need for platonic love. The deck of Tarot cards has three of cups to attribute the need for platonic love.

The Three of Cups is the card that signifies the need for friendship and community. The social aspects of each person are depicted by this card. Each person needs a support network in his or her life and the nature of these support pillars is seen by three of cups.

The artwork of three of cups

In the traditional description of this card, three women celebrating together and dancing in a circle are seen on the card. They are seen holding heavenward cups with homebrew. They are happy with each other and are often seen with smiling faces or serene expressions.

They are thought to be happy as they have a bond of friendship between them. They share their thoughts and actions and support in all possible situations. They think that without the other two, they would fall. They stand like three pillars of concrete with each other balancing peace, harmony, and love that they share as friends.  

In the spiritual sense of this card, they are happy because they have someone to share their energy and aura. They share the same aura amongst themselves and do not steal the light from the other two. A mutual exchange of positive energy and warm wishes can is sent by one woman of the circle and in return, the other women give her equal energy sharing in the sorority bond.

The three women are seen sharing their mental, physical and spiritual space. They can do so because they trust each other. They know that the feelings of envy and jealousy cannot exist between them and they have space only for love and happiness.

The three women wear flowy dresses with unique styles. This depicts that despite being together and working as a team they all have their identities intact. They are not letting go of all the factors that are making them unique. It is their differences that enable them to be together because they can respect the differences that they have.

The meaning of three of cups in the upright position

In their upright position, the three of cups signifies the importance of friendship and celebration. It talks about how a man cannot be a lone wolf and needs to survive in a pack. This card talks about the collaborations you can have in the future with the one you know. These collaborations can be with the people you know or with someone new that enters your life.

This card also signifies the emotional connection that a person has with their friends. The women in the card raise their glasses to make a toast and celebrate their bond. The card can mean the respect and honour friends share between them.

 If you get this card in your reading it can also mean that your friends wish to uplift you in all scenarios of life. They celebrate your contributions and success rather than being jealous and you are fortunate to have such a good pack of friends with you.

The meaning of three of cups in Inverted positions

In the inverted position this card talks about the fact that you are in search of some alone time in your life. You may be using your friends as a source of escape. You are too busy partying your life away. Often you are the after-life of the party when you feel like you are enjoying it when in reality you are alone and miserable.

You need to find solace and serenity in life. This is the time for you to introspect and think about the kind of friends you have and if they are manipulating you in any way.

This card can tell a lot about the people you surround yourself with so if you encounter this card in your next reading, Think deeply about it.