Ban–Tulsi as Natural remedies for Coronavirus Treatment

Ban–Tulsi as Natural remedies for Coronavirus Treatment

Nature is the art of God, in which we are living and with the advancements around the world, we are even destroying it.

Destruction is man-made which can be caused to self with his own mind. Not getting into the other side of extremities, connecting to the current situation of the pandemic disease that has affected many countries around the globe.

Coronavirus has turned out to be a fatal disease that is causing death to people, and around the world, there have been people cured as well.

When we talk about the cure for the fatal virus, there has been no antidote introduced as of now. But there is one medicine that works for this deadly disease.

In this blogs, we will have a focus on the medicinal herb that can get some relief for such an outbreak.

What comes to your mind when you hear about a medicinal herb? Our country is plenty of such herbs as mother earth has been very generous towards mankind, all the medicines for cure are available with her.

Ayurveda is one such system which has medicines to cure, the practitioners and researchers have found one such herb which can cure all bodily diseases from flu to cancer.

Curious to know which is that natural medicine which can help you avoid fatal diseases? It is the ‘Ban-Tulsi’ also known as jungle tulsi. The scientific name for this medicinal herb is croton bonplandianus and the plant is known with different names in their local languages.

Introduction – Ban Tulsi

The ban tulsi or the jungle tulsi is the exotic weed flower that resembles the basil leaves or the holy tulsi. It is an annual shrub that grows mainly like a bush near the riverbanks, canals or waste wetlands.

These have small white flowers that are short and, also bores fruits that look like oblong capsule and has a watery surface.

It is found that the herb is native to southwestern Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Bangladesh, Northern America, etc. and highly found in the sub-Himalayan region of West Bengal and other parts of India.

As the plant is of immense medicinal value its stem is used as a medicinal plant for treating or curing health issues.

Uses of Ban -Tulsi

  1. It is used to treat cuts and wounds on the body to stop the bleeding
  2. As it has got antimicrobial activity, it can be used as good medicine to cure skin diseases because of its antiseptic properties
  3. It heals the fresh wounds
  4. Cures bronchitis and asthma
  5. Use to cure any swelling in the body
  6. Treats jaundice, constipation and other problems
  7. Treatment for cancer, diabetes, digestive problems, etc.
  8. Fever
  9. Hypercholesterolemia
  10. Hypertension, inflammation, intestinal worms
  11. Pain, ulcers, weight-loss, etc.

You name the disease and this herb can be used to treat the specific problem with its medicinal value. And this is because of the acids and chemicals that the shrub contains in its steam and parts of it play a vital role in treating the issues related to health.

Each of the diseases has its own symptoms and virus which attack the immune system, accordingly, the ban-tulsi medicinal herb has got the antidote to each of the diseases. Therefore, it can be used as the best antidote to reduce the effect of the disease on the affected ones.

Natural medicine for treating Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a type of virus which is prevalent in animals rarely infects human, but there are different types of it which can cause mild respiratory issues. And the recent pandemic outbreak of the nCoV has still no antidote that can cure this fatal disease.

The symptoms of the virus are as simple and minor as cold and cough but can become severe as the virus turns resistant in the body.

It has been researched but not confirmed that this medicinal herb Ban-tulsi can be used for treating the coronavirus as the symptoms are like other diseases.

The jungle tulsi has the capacity to treat the bronchial problems and, also inflammatory, respiratory problems because it has the presence of fatty acids, linoleic acid, stearic acid, etc. that help in curing these issues.

In the research, it has been found that the leaf extract of the ban tulsi has the presence of secondary metabolites and antimicrobial properties that help in treating diseases.

Now that we know coronavirus is something related to the respiratory issue, this medicine is highly useful and can get the desired results out.

Hence because of its natural medicinal value, it can be used for treating this virus as well.


The medicinal herb has been found rich in some chemicals like Alkaloids, saponins, steroids, resins, and phenols. Therefore, the leaves of Croton bonplandianus, can be considered as the promising source of antimicrobial compounds.

Hence can be used to treat the deadliest disease in the world!