Balanced lifestyle and How our environment affect that

There are so many definitions that can actually explain the true nature of balance, but there are only a few who do justice to what you feel. Life is all about balance. You really can’t be engrossed in just one aspect of your life and ignore the rest which is equally important. If a person tends to neglect the other specific areas, the person will always lack peace and calmness in their life. Their life would seem to be more out of control and conflict.

If you keep on stretching yourself into one direction, you will realize negative impacts hitting you, sooner or later. We all must have heard about this saying, All work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It sums up the need for a well-balanced life perfectly. Jack, is no doubt, working hard but he is just focusing on the work part and avoiding the means of relaxation which are equally important for the proper working of his body.

 He lacks balance and individuals who are leading a life similar to Jack haven’t worked on the other areas of their life and it might destroy them in the long term.

Just like we can’t keep our body running simply on fast food, in a similar life will be unsustainable without balance.

But how to start? Where to begin in this process of Balance?

Creating a balance is the key to successful life and it is inclusive of all the elements, internal as well as external. While our health, heart, mind makes the internal elements, our behavior with people around us, our social nature at our work and responsibilities we have towards our family and professional world constitutes the external elements

Strike a Balance

A purposeful life is a life with a balance between work, pleasure, and everything in between. We only realize the importance of balance in our life until we miss out on something important in our life.

While most people have their plans ready till retirement, they still lack on maintaining balance. Most of people focus on their work and earning a fat amount of money and ignore that they also owe themselves a time which is just for themselves. People should understand that if they spend equal time focusing on other things, their life would be less chaotic and they don’t really have to bottle their emotions inside themselves.

We are social beings and focusing just on one aspect of our life is not the smartest thing to be proud of.  We are not designed to either be at work or be lazy all the time. Life doesn’t happen to those who live in extremes. It happens to those who experience all the shades between black and white.

We need to take out time for ourselves and recognize the point when we start losing balance. While it is easy for us to go on and on without considering what we are actually doing, we fail to recognize that this is the ultimate road to disaster.

We can end up falling really hard.  We, as social creatures, look for creative things which can keep up the instincts of experiment and excitement alive inside us. When we take out this from our life, it becomes monotonous and soon we end up losing the balance in our life. We become dissatisfied with all we have achieved so far. Balance is easy to lose, but hard to find. That’s why it becomes even more important to ensure that we have it in our lives.

How does the environment affect the balanced approach in our life?

Indeed, our environment plays a crucial role in how we live our life. It affects not only our physical well-being but also significantly impacts our mental and social well-being. Despite the fact that we have become technologically sound in almost every field, we often forget that we have put our environment at stake for all the growth we have achieved. The complex and degraded conditions of our environment have resulted in making our health worse.

The ever-increasing pollution, loss of natural elements, deforestation, and degradation of the environment, combined with poor lifestyle has resulted in an increase in diseases related to obesity, cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Much progress has been achieved but the threats to human health remain the same. To attain a balanced life, one must also look at preserving the environment as it ultimately improves the quality of life. Furthermore, when we continuously take efforts to improve the quality of our environment, we work towards bringing balance to our lifestyle and at last to our life.

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