Baby-Proofing along with your Best shot at Numerology.


Speaking of a lot of Indian customs and traditions there are tons and tons of factors that we need to take into consideration in order to stay all up to date. So, while we keep our eyes and ears open to all sorts of Indian traditions that help us maintain a good prediction spree then let us tell you that numerology is growing faster and faster in terms of predicting lives. 

Numerology and all the ones who practice this art believe that numbers do have a huge part to play in our lives. Playing with numbers and implementing those in your day-to-day decisions will definitely help you view things a little differently. And this is because of the fact that numerologists think that there is a rick solid relationship between numbers and all the events happing around in the universe. 


So, just to back these numerologists, have you ever thought that there might be a crazy and quite efficient relationship between numbers and alphabets? Well if not then we have your backs and we will help you gain some insight on the same. Often when couples think of working towards extending their families, they dream of having the time of their lives with their little ones. 

Speaking of this magical moment that parents witness with the birth of their little one, we know for a fact that there are a lot of factors and issues that couples and especially a woman go through. So, in order to take a little of the burden we have a few suggestions on how to go about deciding the perfect name for your munchkin through the course of alphabets and numerology. 

Living in an Indian setting, astrological and superstitious thinking is bound to occur everywhere, so even for this, there is a full-blown process to go about. While we talk about numerology, each and every number tends to display different traits and your name along with the numbers associated with the same can really change the course of your life. Numerology tends to assign all the alphabets a number between one to nine, and these number combinations will probably decide your fate. If you want your child to lead a successful and happy life then you better keep track of the following alphabet-number meter as listed below. 

1 is associated with A,J,S 

2 is associated with B,K,T 

3 is associated with C,L,U

4 is associated with D,M,V

5 is associated with E,N,W

6 is associated with F,O,X

7 is associated with G,P,Y

8 is associated with H,Q,Z

9 is associated with I and R 


Now, while we talk about leading a successful and happy life in terms of your newborns, let us tell you that your destiny number, personality number as well as soul number, everything is determined by the letters and the numbers associated with those letters in your first name. So, as for success and happiness, some of the best numbers that would be suggested for your child are eight, four, three, and number one. And this is because the fact that, these numbers tend to signify all sorts of successful aspects, from independence, happiness, excitement to challenging everything is all well perceived. 

So, as per what the above list signifies and displays, if the parents are a little skeptical about what sorts of names to consider before naming their child, then you better get ready with your list to jot down the alphabets and number associated with the same. And then take a close look towards what are the traits associated with those numbers and they list out the possible names that you decide on going forward with. Indian cultures and traditions help us in having a piece of prior information about our future perspectives through this privilege of numerology. So, a little heads up to all the parents out there, to take a step towards considering the numbers in relation to the alphabets.

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