Awkward Situations of each Zodiac Signs

Awkward Situations of each Zodiac Signs

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited for what is going to be right. Each one of us deals with weird and awkward situations once in our life, or a lot of times get stuck into it, right? And we often try to avoid such kind of situations rather than positively dealing and going through it. you can only grow up when you are feeling awkward and finding it difficult and uncomfortable while trying out new things, as it gives you a lesson to cope up with this awkwardness.

Awkward situations make us stop doing with some things, A lot of us still fear from asking out help or asking out on a date or whatever it is, because of facing that awkward silence after it. But, have you ever wondered what are your awkward situations in which you fall often and how do you react at it? Our astrological stars have predicted about our awkward situations in which we generally get trapped.


When Aries gets stuck into an awkward situation, they frizzle and are sweaty, generally has dry throat falling short of words with embarrassment. They expect things to go smoothly and perfectly as they want it to go but when they turn into worst or opposite of what they thought, they lose all control.


Taurus are independent and with a sharp memory, they always remember the things once happen with them. When they are stuck into an awkward or uncomfortable situation, they play it off with cracking a joke or changing the topic almost immediately. But don’t be into the misconception of thinking that they will forget the things as the time flies, they will dread on it.



Gemini is known for their twin personality, It is very hard to find the Gemini’s into an awkward or embarrassing situation but when they get trapped into it, Gemini isn’t happy, they get annoyed and irritated easily and gets angry and can’t handle it positively as they never admit their mistakes and live their life with perfection. They are mood and they can react to the situation in two ways, sometimes positively and mostly negatively.


Cancers are the best in escaping awkward situations, as they generally bring a company along with them when they feel a little uncomfortable, or when they are forced to a go-to an unknown boring party. When they fall into such kind of situation, they are great at escaping by diverting people’s mind and attention to others.


They are said to be the master in escaping or facing these kinds of awkward situations, as they are straightforward in facing and solving the problem easily, and are bold upfront, they create or face it with a humour and converts the tensions into the fun mood. Another lookup to Leo’s for such inspiration in life towards handling it so easily and at its best.


Virgo is not among the shy people, they aren’t afraid of telling anyone about the situation they are in, or are feeling uncomfortable. They can hide and draw people’ attention through sarcastically and rude humour, they move on easily from all these kinds of situations.


When libra is tucked into an awkward situation, they are into difficulty, they fear from facing such situations and hide and run away from the place due to embarrassment rather than facing it, they are timid creatures, and start panicking when they are required to face it. They generally are peace- lovers and try to avoid conflicts and leave the uncomfortable situations.


Mysterious Scorpios are very private and are into themselves, they are like Libra’s try to avoid or leave facing these situations, but when they fall into such awkward situations, they want the one who made them felt that way to make it all right and comfortable the very same moment.


Blessed with a great sense of humour Sagittarius is the ones who create awkward situations for others to have some fun around, and enjoys it doing, but are on the same track as when it comes to them to face such a situation, they face it bravely and does not shy from doing it, Why to pretend that everything is fine when it is not in actual?


Capricorn is focused and determined towards their life, but when it comes to them regarding facing such situations they try to act weirdly and rudely, and making others uncomfortable and not stopping from doing it is their favourite thing to do.


Aquarius don’t admit or likes to show others that they are weak by telling them that they are feeling uncomfortable. They don’t like facing situations and likes to leave from the place as they start getting annoyed and frustrated, which is easily reflected on their face and one can make out when they are not comfortable.


Self-Centred is the Pisces born, when they fall or gets trapped into any awkward situation they react in a ‘Sassy’ way. They forget that letting off things is a better option rather than taking revenge, they react in crude humour to make the situation less uncomfortable which sometimes backfire or harmful from them.


So, almost half of my readers could relate to their awkward situations, is this the way you also react? Or you were not aware of it, no worries our stars helped us to know more about us, our awkward situations and how we react to them. In all the aspects of our life astrology has proved right and helped us no matter what problem we are going through and made us learn with a new lesson. Facing these situations positively rather than running away from it and not admitting it, this will help you in sharing your problems and getting a solution for them rather than staying in an uncomfortable place with the fear of how to face, what will be the reaction of others.