Attain peace of mind with Vastu

Attain peace of mind with Vastu

Peace is perhaps the simplest yet layered and complex aspect to understand. People often misinterpret peace as one of the most important ‘events’ in their life but they fail to understand it is not an event rather a process that keeps going on.

Peace should be looked at as a small piece that can be found to bring balance in our unbalanced lives. Peace does not only come from big changes. It occurs in between those small moments which can be accessed by everyone. Everyone gets the benefit from small moments of accomplishments

Whatever we do in our day to day life, significantly impacts the way of our living and presence of stress in our life.  We can’t stay calm in our overloaded lives and always seek out for approvals from others. But that’s now how we work towards peace. We move towards peace when we choose to keep ourselves in control. Our choice of attitude plays a vital role. If we constantly depend on others, we shall never get peace and always remain in conflict with our inner selves.

Trust yourself. Your instincts. Your capability and ability to perform a certain task and that’s how you step towards achieving peace. When you learn to let go, don’t stick to your pasts, and free yourself from your heavy thoughts, you deliver your best. A positive attitude is easy to keep but hard to maintain. Anyone can manage to act positively in a normal situation, but how you act when the ball is not in your court defines your progress towards mental peace.

Calm and controlled behavior is the first step towards attaining peace. You shouldn’t lose yourself in the over the excitement of joy neither you should deprive yourself when things aren’t in your favor. Try to act balanced. You should know, just like the sad moments, happiness also comes in the temporary form and when you over attach yourself with momentary happiness, you often tend to overlook the actual joy of life.

Big Peace relies on the practice of small peacefulness

We should try to find peace in small moments of our daily routine rather than waiting for something big to happen. When we start practicing the act of finding small peacefulness, we become more attentive towards our own selves and our surroundings. It leads our mind and heart and we begin to appreciate the calm in the chaos.

Here’s how you can find small moments of peace in your life and indulge in it.

Notice. Stay attentive and observe what is happening around you. Observe how people are behaving or other events are getting unfolded in front of you. When you will observe you will expand your perspective and act accordingly rather than behaving impulsively.

Focus.  Find a center of focus for yourself.

Feel. Don’t bottle up your feelings and emotions. Let it out and feel what is required in that particular moment. Don’t hold it for the future.

Sustain. Hang in there. Hold onto yourself and relax. Slow down your thinking process and take a minute out, deep breath and calm down your mind, heart, and body.

Now practice these 4 steps often in your day to day routine. It takes repetition and constant attention to form a habit

Vastu for Peace

You must be thinking how a thing that is used to support the construction theory can bring peace to your mind?

Well, Vastu is not just a physical theory, it’s an art form in itself. It’s a science-based on 5 elements which govern the universe and help us to channelize those cosmic elements in the right direction. The 5 elements are - Air, Water, Fire, Space, and Earth- ‘the Panchtatva’

The world we are living in has become more competitive than it has ever been, leaving no time for us to relax. We fail to deal with our daily stress and it gets piled up resulting in damaging our health.

However, Vastu can help us to take care of these physical agonies in a better way. When stressful situations overpower and hamper the functioning of life, one should take Vastu in consideration

Why Vastu for peace of mind?

We cannot live peacefully in a world when our mind is disturbed. Constant pressure, anxiety, and depression takes a toll on our health and forces us to live a miserable life. It is not something that can be tolerated on an everyday basis.

 We would never want to settle in a life which lacks mental peace. There comes a time when everyone looks for stability and peace in their life so that they can enjoy what all they have in the present moment. Vastu helps in directing our energies on the right path and helps us in avoiding the negative sources of energy. That is why it becomes even more important to take Vastu into the account for mental peace.

Various guidelines for Vastu for peace of mind

These are some Vastu tips that can help you in living a peaceful life.

One should always take meals while sitting in the North Direction. It can help you in getting rid of stomach related diseases.

Always manage your space. Organized places enhance peace of mind. When things stay cluttered, it builds up chaos in the environment. One must clean their environment regularly.

Your sleeping direction should either be the South or the East. your head must be in these directions as they avoid any interruptions in your sleep and give a complete peace to your mind.

Bedroom, as per Vastu, should be located in the South-west direction as it helps you in relaxation and rejuvenates your mind and body.

Use auspicious symbols like Om or Swastik in your home. These symbols radiate positive energy and help you in connecting with the divine sources. These symbols must be placed in the North-east direction.

Dustbins should never be put in the North-east direction. They attract negativity.

Toilets carry the highest amount of negative energy. One should always keep the doors of washrooms closed so that the energy does not rise into the entire house.
So, these were some Vastu tips that can help you in living a happy and peaceful life. You can also take suggestions from various professional Vastu experts. They can also assist you with various Vastu rules that can bring peace to your mind.