Astrology and Astronomy are widely considered as same in ancient days. People believe them to be identical, with no significant differences between them. However, the modern world has changed its meanings. Now the astrology differs from astronomy in various ways. However, the difference between them can be compared to the difference between chalk and cheese.


"The study of the movements and relative position of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world."

-       Oxford English Dictionary


Astrology is just believed to be a superstition right now. But many don't know how impactful it is. Astrology works based on time, date, and latitudinal and longitudinal parameters. These parameters determine the happenings of the events that occur in an individual's life or the affairs going to happen in a country when the national issues are considered.



"The branch of science which deals with the celestial bodies, space and the physical universe in whole."

-      Oxford English Dictionary


Astronomy, in general, deals with the study of Celestial bodies on a large astronomical scale.

One must note that Astronomy is considered a science, whereas astrology is not deemed as science.

Astrology is thought to be the predecessor of astronomy. This is because the practice of astrology started a while ago. The ancients played an essential role in bringing various changes in the field of astrology. This we can say that astrology is ancient when compared to astronomy.



Earlier astrology and astronomy were considered to be the same. Everyone looked at them as same till the 17th century. People stress the fact that astronomy was laid as bad for astrology. However, there are many studies showing tt astrology itself includes astronomy in it.

There were times when people advanced in several terms like their reasoning, human development, etc. Many scholars of the Egyptian and Babylonian were stood as the primary reason for bringing great civilization in their regions using astrology and astronomy. During their times, also these two were looked as same. But the main problem arrived when the astrologers were termed as the superstitious people. As a result of this, the two groups have been divided into individual ones. This time was termed as " Age of the region. "  Thus, during the starting of the 18th century, astrology and astronomy were divided into two different groups.

The main goal of astronomy is to comprehend the physics of this vast universe. The astrologers use these astronomical calculations for deciding the positions of celestial bodies in the space. As we mentioned earlier, the astrology is not considered as science. This is because there are some facts about astrology, which made it not considered as a science. Many people say that astrology is also taken as a science. In astrology, except for the prediction part remaining, all calculations are considered as a science, which is dealt with in astronomy.

Several scholars believe that the main reasons for not considering the astrology as science are the criticism found them. Critics say that why the stars of the space show their impact only on humans rather than other plants, oceans, buildings, etc. But the real fact is that scholars deeply stressed on these statements given by critics saying that each and everything on this earth will get influenced by stars and planets of the space. Astrology has been considered in terms of science, along with astronomy and geology. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the astronomy speaks about the positions of celestial bodies in the space. Now the astrology considers those results of astronomy and gives the final predictions along with any solutions if there are any problems. However, these predictions are entirely based on the horoscopes and the positions of planets and stars in it. However, we also include geology in it. This is because any horoscope is wholly based on the latitudinal and longitudinal parameters, along with time, are mostly considered while going to prepare a chart. Therefore astrology is the superset of astronomy and geology.

Summing up, we can say that astrology and astronomy are at present seen as a separate group, but the principles pertained to astrology apply to astronomy also. This is because the positions detected from astronomy are sometimes made sure by comparing them with the astrological calculations. The points which made astrology not eligible to be recognized as science are precision and misconceptions of the zodiac signs. Finally, one can say that astrology and astronomy might differ in some terms, but they work hand in hand.