Don't we all remember those mythological shows where there used to be some foretelling before any major event?  Yes, you are right. Astrology can be taken in the same terms as foreshadowing because it involves predicting things. Palm-Reading, Tarot cards, Analysis of Birth charts as well as Predictive astrology are all related to certain types of methods used to foretell the future. It can be taken as an important device that can be used to postpone things or elements that are not fruitful enough to take place. Some people might find astrology a bit unorthodox in today's scenario as many of the people believe in science and think that it is not an authentic aspect but it is not the case, as a person when born, is born with planetary positions that depict the major events that are going to take place in a person's life. It is the study of planets that are responsible for certain phases in one's life.


Role of the Predictions

The entertainment industry has also coordinated with great astrologers who have predicted the future of the contestants. We do see reality shows like Big boss, wherein some of the other episode celebrities are told about their future through some astrologer who predicts things about them.

The presence of such gurus has highlighted the impact of astrology in daily lives. It is also a part of Influencer marketing where we see some influencer or a renowned person using a certain product or supporting a cause, so when people see their favorite tv stars taking an interest, it binds them more. 

Astrology is not some practice or ritual in which one has to have some belief, instead, it is interpretation, the understanding of personalities through the stars, and who knows you might know yourself some better if you go down the road. It is a legitimate field and nothing regarding this is beating about the bush.



Many reports say that Adolf Hitler, before he rose to power, His rise was predicted by an Astrologer and We all know what he was known for. Some other instances like the prediction of Barack Obama, becoming the president twice, was also accurate and this made people grow their trust more.

India practices Vedic/ Hindu astrology to much of an extent that includes questions of interest. If we throw a glance at the Epics, such as The  Ramayana or The Mahabharata, some instances include some predictions, The part where some sage predicts that Sita's life as an adult will be full of hardships, the part where the hermits inform king Dhritrashtra that his son Duryodhana is of evil demeanor and will be responsible for a massacre and another illustration is when Draupadi is born and she is told to be a life-changing source for the Kuru Clan. All this was the truth as it was bound to happen. But that does not mean that it can't be challenged.



There has been a cold war between Science and Astrology. Science has always found a motive to blame the latter saying that It doesn't provide people with proper elaboration and doesn't talk sense at times.

It claims that many times the predictions were inaccurate, which is acceptable as Humans are not computers or divine entities and the predictions are not 100%  bound to happen. Nothing in the world that exists is perfect. We are the creators of our destiny and somewhere, somehow, we are also mildly responsible for the circumstances we land ourselves into. Destiny cannot be called a mere prediction of the future, it is a basis on which we make our choices and take actions.

Some people don't think astrology can help and they are correct in a certain way. Half of the population doesn't want to take some pains for the gain and want to be dependent on fate wholly. If one's horoscope shows progressive signs, that the person is going to make loads of money then it doesn't at all mean that one will achieve everything by sitting idle. No pain No gain.  Astrology is also useful in assisting us to form practical goals and a clear standpoint.  While seeing the world, experiencing new things watching one's reactions to things, We grow and learn more as a person.

In the end, we do realize that Living too requires creativity, and we ought to live this life to the fullest - Be the master of our fate.