A lot of people have been exploring several nooks and corners of the world of astrology. Slowly and steadily we have been encountering a broad acceptance in the cultural sphere after the unfold of 2020. This year has been immensely hit by a major pandemic COVID-19. A deadly disease that is fatal and has been known to take millions of lives across the world. 

As a matter of fact, this miraculous shift kick-started after personal electronic computer devices skyrocketed the world of the internet. It not only persuaded people to have endless access all over the world but also reached social media within seconds.


The Pew Research Center Poll released fresh research in 2017 regarding the people’s belief in astrology. It was found out that nearly 30% of Americans have a firm belief in astrology. Whereas Nicholas Campion, a renowned scholar who is a popular author has penned down “Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West”. The latter had sternly opposed that there are many who have a sound awareness of their sun signs. They also keenly consult horoscopes and go on to read their partner’s star sign. In this case, it’s very common to read horoscopes on the internet. The scholar further adds that “New spirituality is the new norm,”.


There is great truth in the noted scholar’s so-called narrative about astrology and its surge in true sense. As the millennials are turning wild and desperate to know what will happen next in their life. Their eagerness leaves them searching various kinds of information pieces on the internet. The young-clad had been searching for new therapies alternatives to medicines and the moon parties which is linked to their signs. This trend has leaped forward in heights because of the rage present in these so-called modernist millennials.  


Astrology has taken over the online world. There are authors who proclaim that the word astrology is a meme in itself. And because of its connotations of the meme, it’s never short-lived. The various facets of the astronomy world could differ. There are predictions that can come true. But all this needs to be done through a powerful force. There are people writing all kinds of nonsense on the internet. And we tend to keep a track of this information without taking much heed of it. However, not all the information found on the internet holds much value and is valid. As mentioned previously a great amount of higher force is needed to become aware of predictions that would draw out of the future.


The British’s popular tabloid Sunday Express was the first newspaper ever to hold an astrology column which came to life during 1930, August. This column was brought as a surprise for its readers when the stock market went downhill. It was a beautiful occasion when Princess Margaret was born. The feature-based on her “What the Stars Foretell for the New Princess” grew popular inch by inch, and made it to the top stories every day, taking peoples’ minds away from the stock-market shock.


There was a year (2016) when things saw a sharp change in the face of horoscope, as we all know it was politics that was the rising sun from head to tail. The several optimistic years when Obama dominated, millions of people actually grew a profound interest in the horoscope and genuinely had a likeness towards it. But during the years when Trump came into force, millions growled hard in need of horoscopes.


Americans are completely driven in order to foretell the next neighbor of the present. The latest research has left everyone into splits. The springing nature of Americans is growing holistically in terms of channeling their best-invested interest in horoscopes. A latest IBIS WORLD report has concluded that Americans in the current era have been said to be spending over $2.2 billion per year on services which are completely mystical. These services include tarot card reading, palmistry, etc. Americans have been greatly channelizing all their money towards foretelling their futures. 2017’s established popular app CO-STAR has an investment of $6 million and has been downloaded from various sources around 6 to 7 million times. The gender which has found a profound interest in this app is 80% of females who are in the 24 (years) age brackets.

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