Astrology is a sacred phenomenon that has originated initially in ancient times. Many studies have proven that our forefathers have witnessed the astrology. However, an extensive change has been observed in the journey of Astrology from ancient times to present being publishing in every day's newspaper.




Mesopotamia has commenced researching about the stars and planets long ago in history. They have been successful in creating astrology along with astronomy. The Mesopotamians have been victorious in their findings of omens and heavens. This resulted in the more straightforward calculation of various types of measurements and other scientific computations. They also took a step forward to print the calendars and other some almanacs. This, their knowledge has spread among their neighboring regions, which lead to an interest in the astrology field of study.



History says that Egypt has been under the control of Hellenistic Rulership for some time. During this duration, Babylonian Astrology has emerged among Egyptians, which later got more appreciation among them. Generally, many scholars stress the fact that the principles of this period are still valid and are followed in some parts of society now.



The astrology has stepped into Rome through Geeks. People take astrology as a severe phenomenon in Rome. However, species of Rome used Astrology in their politics too. Rome has strongly believed in astrology, and thus they changed their culture according to it. Ancients speak that astrology has played a significant role in shaping their future. However, the higher classes of Rome have seen astrology as something which is confined to them only and thus aborted the lower levels from using it. Many rulers opposed the usage of astrology in their territories. In Rome, however, astrology has, yet, became a weapon of higher classes when politics has come into the presence.



The birth of astrology in Arabs lead to achieving another accomplishment by the people living in Arabs. That is astrology led a path for the inception of astronomy in Arab.  The people living in the Arab have been successful in discovering many other principles in astrology. In this way, the knowledge of astrology grown to a broader range in the neighboring regions. The rulers of Arabs took a more significant part in learning astrology and thus used it during war times. History speaks that a comet that fell on the Arab region during a war has changed the complete history of the Ottoman Empire.



Europe has witnessed an upsurge of interest in astrology in ancient times. The Medieval and Renaissance Europe is the one in which the Astrology has been combined with medicine. As a result of this, scholars have achieved numerous observations around them. Not only they did observe, but also they came up with new advancements in the principles used in astrology.  However, the people whose interests started multiplying in the field of astrology until the 18th century.



The professors of ancient China were successful in correlating astrology with philosophy. Their curiosity in this field helped them in coming up with a method in astrology. This method included the division of time into 60-year cycles in which all the twelve animal signs were combined with five elements.


Meso America:

Meso America is the region that included distinct places of present North America. Mayan System is the only system that was widely followed by the community of people living in that region. Also, this Mayan System has gained a lot of popularity and is thus well known even after now the time being passed so fast.



India is seen as a sacred country for its various traditions prevailing in it. All the four Vedas have paved a religious path for the development of astrology in India. The sayings of Vedas well pertained with the principles of astrology. However, Geeks and Persians also drew several policies of the astrology followed there to India. Ancient astrology has widely used for correcting times for the spiritual rituals performed during that time. In ancient times, many occasions were done based on dates and times. Arranged marriages were mostly done following the above principle. However, India stood first in creating astrology from the sacred four Vedas. But there are various types of astrology based on the regions and the people who live there.


Astrology has, however, gained a lot of popularity in the modern world. The principles of the past were advanced in some aspects as time passed by, and hence in this way, the latest astrology has taken its birth. But, many studies have proven the fact that the accuracy of astrology has lost as the knowledge passed from one generation to another generation.  Today the world speaks that where the science fails to explain something, then astrology starts talking.



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