Astrological Role of Venus and Its Relation to the Signs

Astrological Role of Venus and Its Relation to the Signs

The majority of people start their trip into the stars by looking at their birth chart. The chart depicts the exact alignment of the planets, asteroids, constellations, and celestial points at the time of your birth, depending on the date, time, and location of your advent. Your natal chart is a metaphysical map that reveals the intricacies of your persona, spiritual teachings, and past, present, and future occurrences.

Your birth chart also reveals a romantic affinity with one another when it comes to heart, hence why we'll be focusing on the planet Venus in this star guide. Every planet on the solar system reflects its distinguished elements under astrology. Let us bring the spotlight to Venus, the second closest planet to the sun. Venus reigns supreme when it comes to love and those schmaltzy butterflies you experience in your tummy.

Story of the Genesis of Venus

Mythologies are vast and creative, yet with a lot of illusions. Roman Mythology has referred to Venus as a divine Godly figure of love and romance. Although Venus is portrayed gorgeously according to the ancient Romans, her origin story isn't particularly fascinating. Uranus, the Father of Sky, was castrated, and his testicles were thrown into the sea by his son Saturn. Venus erupted from Uranus' sexual organs, blood, and bodily fluids, which formed a dense and viscous mist. The auspicious planet is, however, the trailblazer when it comes to love and solidarity.

What Astrology Says About Venus

Irrespective of its story of genesis, Venus is a true romantic who adores being in love. Venus rules passion and affection, as well as personal preferences and elegance. Venus is the planet that symbolizes your ideals, especially your financial and material assets. Venus is all about satisfaction, so it just sits back and enjoys itself while getting what it intended to have. This heavenly body is all about the luxuries and pleasures in life.

The qualities of Venus may appear too lucrative to skeptics. Venus, in reality, reflects our idealization of divine love and beauty. The desires of Venus are seductive, but they don't always correspond to actuality or what is genuinely feasible for our minds.

Venus desires lavish desserts, very long showers, and fanning by massive palm leaves. While this is admirable on a piece of paper, these pursuits quickly deteriorate into frivolous pursuits. And also, Venus is unable to differentiate between the "wants" and "needs" of their lives. In simple words, this world is a sensual paradise, and they only want to be adored.

Venus and its Relation to Each Zodiac Sign

Venus' motto is to provide and derive pleasure and satisfaction. Here is the relation between Venus and the signs to explore further about your lifestyle and events.

Aries are fierce and are powerful both in thoughts and action. When Aries is on Venus, they are just thrilled to explore and hunt. They love competition, and nothing could stop them. On the other hand, Taurus Venuses are incredibly loving, and they also know how to stand up for themselves. Taurus Venus needs a grounded partnership. If they feel undermined, they will take solace anywhere else.

A Gemini Venus is always attracted to information. Their spirit needs to express itself, and Gemini Venus doesn't distinguish between a friend and a lover. However, in Cancer, the crab guards its sensitive core with a robust covering. As a result, nothing pleases a Cancer Venus more than developing a relationship of mutual trust, commitment, and shelter.

Leo rules the heart. As a result, people born to Leo Venus are great romantics. Leo Venus is noble and giving, and they enjoy admiring and honoring their lovers. However, people born under the sign of Virgo Venus enjoy solving problems; thus, they want a mutually beneficial relationship. Libra Venus is all about philosophical sensuality. They are fascinated with beauty, harmony, and proportion and love to be in a good-looking relationship. Whereas Venus and Scorpio together form an intense and mystical bond. Scorpio Venus is drawn to everything with a hint of danger and is extremely sensual.

Travelers, wanderers, and daredevils attract those with Sagittarius Venus. Action and exploration are a big draw for these fierce lovers, but nothing tops a good sense of humor for them. Capricorn is the sign that rules the horoscope. Although Capricorn's typical modesty tempers Venusian power, this planet finds its sensual outlet by toying with power relations and role play.

Aquarius energy is forward-thinking and unconventional. As a result, people born under the sign of Aquarius Venus enjoy being different. Aquarius Venus is attracted to persons who are quirky and defiant. Pisces is elusive and mysterious. Pisces Venus sees beauty in everything, and romance and intimacy are truly profound for these individuals.