Astrological Predictions for the New Year (2021)

Astrological Predictions for the New Year (2021)

2020 was a year that shook us all. Now, we want nothing more than leaving this year behind for good and welcome 2021 with a smile on our faces and hope in our hearts. As the coronavirus pandemic has not yet left us for good, we are still afraid of how 2021 will be. Certainly, we hope it is not as bad as 2020 was and pray that the forces above come in harmony to bless us all with a great year ahead. Wouldn't it be amazing to know what the new year has in store for each one of us?

Well, what if I told you the forces above do have a way of determining what's in store for us in the new year? Because it does! Astrological predictions are made after studying intensely about the motion of the planets and stars above. These planets and their different positions and phases are what affects our life. So, come with me to find out what the astrological predictions for 2021 are! 


Changes Astrologers are Predicting for 2021 

There are many changes that will take place in the new year. However, the most prominent ones are concerning the planets Jupiter and Saturn. On the 21st of December, 2020, Jupiter along with Saturn will move towards Aquarius and position themselves in this sign for most parts of the year. As Aquarius is a sign that associates itself with forming communities, unpredictable change, fighting for justice, and advances in the field of technology, a new digital way of life will continue next year. Technologies will advance in many different ways making digital living possible for all of us. 

Another happening regarding our collective creativity is that both Jupiter and Saturn will form a square around Uranus in Taurus. This will lead to many creative innovations across industries all over the world. The world of online business will also progress. A similar square with Uranus in early 2020 led to protests for equality which leads us to expect the same for this year as well. 


Positive Political Changes in 2021 

2020 was not just a year filled with changes in health but also a year monopolized by the political sphere. It is predicted that not much will change in the coming year as well. Wishes to do things differently have a change of representation in the political sphere, and a different leadership will also be rife among people. Changes related to this section of life will be more prominent in the beginning months of the year, precisely January and February.

This is because Mars will move towards Uranus positioned in Taurus and along with it will square both Jupiter and Saturn positioned in Aquarius. This meeting will cause tensions to surge and changes to become more apparent and wanted. 


Should we be afraid of the Mercury Retrograde? 

Most people are afraid of Mercury retrograding as it is believed by them that it will bring some kind of bad luck in their lives. However, one must remember that it is very common for a planet to retrograde many times a year. It is their normal planetary movements. Every planet in the universe retrogrades and Mercury happens to be the most notorious one. Mercury is a planet that symbolizes communication. It is the only planet that moves backward.

This motion of its can be linked to ill luck, meltdowns, mishaps, and malfunctions in life. These changes are nothing of a long term concern. They will just bring some annoying changes to your week or day but nothing further. Astrological advice for people who dread the notorious ‘Mercury retrograde’ is to change your perspective and look at it from a different lens. Instead of looking at the negative impacts, focus on the beginning to letters of the word, i.e., ‘re’.

Words beginning with ‘re’ can be thought of as positive like a review, reflect, remember. All these can be practiced through the art of meditating, focusing on the positives, writing, or remembering fond memories of the past as you swipe through an old photo album. 


 Let the new year bring you optimism but most importantly try to approach the new year with an optimistic mind and peaceful thoughts.