Astrological Predictions about Indo China War

Astrological Predictions about Indo China War

While most of the world is amid the ongoing pandemic, our country is facing a two-sided battle. With Coronavirus, India is also involved in another battle, a stand-off between India and China.

The stand-off dates back to the 5th of May as a clash between the Indian and Chinese soldiers on the northern bank of Ladakh’s Pangong Tso Lake. Many soldiers from both countries were injured in this skirmish. The Line of Actual Control, i.e., LAC passes through this lake. 

The tension has been building up since then between the two countries at the border. China’s army also brought troops in the Galwan valley of Ladakh, along the lines of LAC. But to the dismay of Chinese armies, Indian armies are doing a great job in matching with all the moves of theirs. India is not backing and is coming up stronger than was expected by the Chinese army. 

In one of the skirmishes that occurred right there in the Galwaan valley, 20 Indian soldiers lost their life. Amongst the death of the people suffering from Corona, Indians are also mourning the lives of these 20 brave soldiers. Unexpected by the Chinese population, the Indian government, are taking many decisions to show their hold on this position and to tell how they are not going to back up or let China take any more land that is rightfully India’s. The country has successfully banned 52 Chinese apps, including the popular TikTok, Shareit, and CamScanner, making a huge statement in this pseudo-war. 

The link between these countries has been long strained since back in 1962 and with the current scenario, there are a lot of doubts people are having about the future of these two neighboring countries.

News channels are flooded with comparisons between Chinese and Indian armies, talking about if war is possible, and also trying to find out which of these countries is stronger if the war was actually to take place. We, Indians, are hooked to the screen wanting to know how strong our position and army are. As it is the case for all kinds of wars, there are a lot of unforeseeable consequences and decisions.

No government authority or news reporters can solve the many doubts we all are having about the future of this feud.

Astrology tries to predict and answer these questions people have been having since the start of this skirmish. The year is governed by the ruler Mercury and is thus predicted that a lot of smoothness is going to be seen in the actions taken inside our country. The Moon and Sun are also entering positions that are making it look like the future of India this year is bound to go towards the positive side.  

Where is the future of Indo-China relationship going to be like?

Astrologers predict that the Indo-China relationship is yet to reach its worst and all that has been happening is just the beginning. China is going to test India’s determination and patience and thus the relation between the two countries is going to get further damaged in the coming future.

Rahu and Saturn are in transit and their position points towards worsening of relationship. Astrology predicts that there is going to be a long-lasting distrust between the two countries.

What does astrology have to say about the possibility of this feud resulting in a war between the countries?

Though we are aware of how China has been trying to subdue some sections of our country for decades and we also know that the possibility of either of these two countries backing down from what they think is right for their country is very low.

Some people are worried about where this feud between the countries would lead to; they are worried if these countries would indulge in a war and what the outcomes of this war would be. 

The moon for India is placed in 3rd house that resulted in this tension arising in the first place. The solar eclipse that was experienced worldwide on the 21st of June’20 has been predicted to worsen the situation. During this phenomenon, the planets formed a very rare combination of a constellation that can be predicted to cause large scale disaster in the world.

According to astrology, a war between these two countries has a very slim chance of happening. The countries are surely going to have worse relations as the time moves forward and there are no predictions of things getting better, but the war has a very low chance of happening as per the placements of the planets in the houses.

Nevertheless, both these countries have a chance of facing internal problems. India can face trouble in its economic front while China government might experience a rebel or protest from their public.

China might also ruin its relationship with some of the other neighboring countries and is also predicted to have a strained relationship with some faraway countries.

Which country has more chances of winning?

If situations start getting worse, the fear in the country is going to rise too. Astrology seems to predict that unlike back in the year 1962 when the first Indo-China war occurred, this time India is way better prepared. Astrology has to say that India has a better chance of winning if a war does become inevitable. Considering all the facts and statistics, astrology is also pointing towards a better outcome for India in the war.

India seems to have risen in all its forefront since 1962 and the same scenario has zero chances of occurring this time. 

A similar pattern of occurrences of eclipses was seen back in 1962, the year in which the Indo-China war was first fought. The solar eclipse of this time was placed in the sixth house for China, in the horoscope of Capricorn ascendant. While for India, the solar eclipse fell in Gemini, astrology predicts that this position doesn’t look good for our country in many aspects. There is a higher chance of China trying to create a war-like situation and India might have to be bare a lot of suffering.   

Which countries would side with India?

India is not a part of any major military alliance but has good foreign relations with many countries. Astrology suggests that the country that is going to play an important role in the making or breaking of a possible war is America. The US, though seems to have a bitter relationship with China, would still prove itself to be of use for both the countries and aide in solving the feuds that are brewing between India and China.

But if a war was to start, the possible countries that might join to help India are the USA, Russia, Bangladesh, and maybe even Israel, Bhutan, and France.

Based on facts, history, and astrology, Pakistan is going to be siding with China and working with them for the sake of their own country.

As of Nepal, the country is likely to stay in the background without creating any further complications.

The horoscope of China is said to belong to Capricorn ascendant where the planet Mercury is troubled by Sun and Ketu in the 9th house and Mars is troubling Moon in the seventh house. This leads to astrology predicting that China is yet to deceive a lot of people and country, leading to them having a very bad foreign relation and not many countries are going to side them in a political or even an actual battle against India.