Have you ever looked across and marveled at the beauty of nature, the diverse flora, and fauna, the splendid hues of the wildlife? Have you ever noticed the complexity of the human body, the innumerable nerves, the harmonious different systems and the heart that has not stopped for a minute second ever since we were created from the gametes? All of this comes from a superlative force, the primary reason for the existence of life on the planet and beyond. It is necessary for establishing a bridge between the Almighty force and us, for achieving grounding and a sense of inner peace.



The Reiki institution believes that the lifeforce energy is responsible for all animate objects in the cosmos. Lifeforce energy has influence and power over our breathing, heartbeat, digestion, and absorption of nutrients and numerous other processes. Lifeforce energy also forms the basis of our indestructible soul. Thus, our soul is linked to the Creator, and the vital energy force is associated with it. So, it is necessary that we establish a strong bond between our body and soul, and hence build a bond with the supreme power.

There are innumerable benefits that come with the unification of the mind and body. It creates a greater sense of peace and stability in life, reduces stress, tension, anxiety, depression and removes all known types of negative energy in you and around you. It helps in grounding and balance. Another essential benefit of achieving this goal is the alignment of all seven chakras, as connecting with the supreme power initiates the spinning of the seventh chakra, the crown chakra. The chakras are accountable for our overall health and well-being, so this process also improves our mental, physical and emotional wellness.



The fourth symbol also called Dai Ko Myo in Japanese, is the combination of the power, harmony and distance symbol. It is the final enlightenment symbol and is most composite to draw. It is the most sanctified symbol having the maximum vibrational frequency and transformative power amongst all symbols of the Reiki. This symbol has the power to heal the soul, the aura at once. Due to the energy flow in it, it rejuvenates and boosts the immune system of the body.

 The Dai Ko Myo symbol is used by the Reiki practitioners to establish closer bondage with the Creator and for a stronger connection of the body and soul. As the use of this symbol requires one to be a master in Reiki practice, it is mostly used by the Reiki masters only.



There are various methods of the confederacy of body and soul and bonding with the Almighty, Reiki form of meditation being one of them. One of the forms of Reiki meditation that links one with the ultimate energy is Gassho meditation. Performing this meditation is very simple. One must put hands like in prayer and go with a few breathing exercises. Give away all emotions like fear, agony, stress, and strain and be aware of you living in the present moment. Again, continue with a few more breathing exercises. Now, envision your parents, gurus, teachers or personal guides and express them your heartfelt gratitude and start channeling the Reiki energy. You may or may not make use of the Reiki symbols for harnessing the vital energy.

Another effective way is through the heart chakra or the crown chakra. Take a comfortable position in a serene environment. Envisage the center of your heart or the topmost portion of your head being filled with white light and illuminating with it with your eyes closed. Perform a few breathing exercises and send this light to all parts of your body, one by one. Feel the energy surging through your veins, filling every nerve of your body. This basic drill will help you feel grounded with a sense of inner peace, the two rudimentary ingredients necessary for the spiritual connection.


Thus, this use of Reiki of connecting to the ultimate power has innumerable benefits and is worth giving a try.