Aries Ascendant Sign Marriage

     What is the ascendant sign & how does decide marriage is predicted according to one’s ascendant sign & effect of an ascendant sign on the marriage & married life of the person? And these will go to Aries ascendant personality and marriage.

Well these are the questions should come in one’s mind & we will do the same & discuss these questions in brief regarding that.


Ascendant Sign

Also thrown popularly as the rising sign, it’s the sign which at the time of one’s birth rises or ascends on the eastern horizon.

As the earth’s axis rotates, so this sign changes every 2 hours, every zodiac sign passes through it. That’s why the birth time of a person is of almost importance and helps in describing in detail about a person.

The ascendant sign is the main reason behind one’s personality. It describes one’s self i.e. the way one carries themselves their appearance & the first impression or impact they leave on someone.

This sign is of utmost importance as it provides the very first detail or sign of one’s existence & shows the impact of your personality on the world & vice versa.


Basically, it’s the initial reaction which one gives to any situation comes upfront. Ascendant can also be called as the base of the astrology as it’s the first house & connects with the rest of the houses.

The ascendant sign basically tells the way, people meet each other for the first time, we can also say the initial attraction. If an attraction is considered one needs not too compatible in that.

As we all know opposites attract so there are quite possible chances the people having two totally different personalities get attracted to one another. For e.g.:- It can be Cancer ascendant getting attracted to Gemini, Aries to the Capricorn ascendant  & so on.


Aries Ascendant  Personality Traits

You are an Aries ascendant it directly means according to astrology that your third house is Gemini, the seventh house is Libra and the eleventh house is Aquarius and this position of hour matters a lot to reveal one’s personality and the way they behave.

Born under Aries ascendant one can have dynamic energy & considered to have wild passion & leadership qualities & you tend to have a positive outlook & straightforward approach towards life.

Being an Aries ascendant your main power & gift from God is your leader quality, the quality of taking charge in any situation & give way to a group of people.


Aries ascendant in love life and marriage

The Aries rising sign born has a charm and immense power to attract people of the opposite sex very easily. They have such physical appearance and appeal that everyone just can’t resist off from.

They love adventure everywhere in everything. In their relationships, they are so much passionate and full of adventure.

Aries ascendant women are the beauty with brains and their partner should consider themselves as the lucky ones to have an Aries in life, who’s loving, caring, romantic and passionate one. A perfect marriage material.

An Aries ascendant believes in living in a practical world and searches for love which lasts long and also doesn’t believe in switching from one partner to another like changing dress every day.

But what an Aries ascendant should focus on in their life and particularly in marriage, that they should keep patience and avoid excess emotions from taking center stage and also not let their adventurous character being too much dominant, so that your other beautiful qualities, get hidden in you only.

The ideal match for an Aries ascendant could be their other fire signs, Leo ascendant and Sagittarius ascendant and also, can consider air ascendant signs, Gemini and Libra, to be a good partner.

  • Aries ascendant has their third house in Gemini, it means that they have a very quick mind and body. They also love to communicate and people will love to be around you, as no one gets bored, whenever with you.

But as a Gemini is in your third house, there are possible chances that you get stuck and confused, what to say and how to act sometimes.

  • Libra being on your seventh house helps you to be calm and courteous in your relationships. You love elegance and value beauty and thrive for someone as charming and intellectual as you are.

And in search of that, you rather misjudge people and face for whole life, so it’s better to not let books cover attract you so much that you don’t even pay attention to its genre and theme.

  • Your eleventh house is ruled by an Aquarius, which helps you in socializing and let you enjoy your life the social one to its peak. As you have varying interests, you love making friends and can be caught with a group of people always.


So these are the few Aries ascendant marriage and love details and how the ascendant sign affects one’s marriage and what Aries wants in her partner, what their personality has to give as a partner and many more.

I hope you guys liked it and felt a bit connected with this astrological description.

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