Aries And Virgo: Compatibility of Fire and Earth!

Twelve zodiac signs are divided into four elements- Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Just like the way, the combination of these elements works in nature; similarly, it does with the zodiac signs. Aries and Virgo are Fire and Earth, respectively. Hence their compatibility is similar to the combination of Fire and Earth. The two are quite the opposite to each other and might be intriguing too. However, the harmony between these two signs depends on various factors. And today at True Teller, we'll disclose to you all these factors and compatibility.


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Aries, the first sign of the zodiac sign chart, are the ones who love being number one. Bold, Ambitious, hate details and ever-ready for dives challenging situations. Aries is just like its partner fire signs, i.e. Sagittarius and Leo.


Aries people are passionate, confident, and motivated leaders, with a cheerful attitude and fierce determination. They are unrefined and straightforward in their manner of approach, with short and dirty mood, this is also indicated in the sexual proclivities of Aries.



Virgo, the sign on the sixth number on the zodiac sign chart, likes precisely one thing- 'exacting'. People under Virgo horoscope are too critical and picky and therefore can be nothing more than the butt of humor.

Virgo people are born to serve merely; they have an eye for details and are diligent, efficient and orderly. They have a considerable sense when it comes to duty and ensures working for a greater good.


Aries and Virgo Compatibility

Intimacy And Sexual Compatibility

Telling if Aries and Virgo will become the clumsiest or straight away the worst possible in terms of sex, is quite tricky. When an Aries would look at a Virgo, the first thought that would cross Aries' mind will be of the Virgin Mary, her purity and in other words, absolutely no intimation.

Aries needs a person with a quite evident sexual personality. Virgo on, the other hand, needs verbal stimulation, patience and loads of foreplay.

The survival of their sex life in good condition is possible only if Aries is willing to communicate and wait for things. Or if the Virgo has turned out to be some sexual predator.


Trust In Aries And Virgo

If the duo manages to overcome their difficulties in sexual life, trust issues shouldn't be a problem significant enough. Aries needs one to be straightforward and honorable, whereas Virgo is faithful and someone who hates lies. This proves the need for being honest and asking for honesty for these two.


Intellect and Communication Between Aries & Virgo

The two have the potential to be extremely annoying for each other, and this may lead to everyone's annoyance around them. If you desire a partner that can bring out significantly the best possible, trust Aries and Virgo to be just the worst match.

It is an open fact that cleanliness is a love for Virgo and Aries, are nothing less than an animal in a cage. It may cause pointless, endless fights. However, the chances are that before getting to such a stage, the two will find the extreme of each other repelling enough and decide to break up.


Aries And Virgo Dealing Emotions

Emotionally, their compatibility is much better than sexual compatibility. Still, Virgo remains to be an intellectual sign, which lacks emotional expressions and Aries, is somebody who mixes up lust and love. The best option would be Virgo being a silent observer, and Aries should be thinking before acting, which is rare.


Values of Aries & Virgo

Finally, something at which these two come together is their ambition, hard work, and clear, sharp information. This is something that can make these two great colleagues.

However, their other values might not coincide to a similar extent. Aries is for an attitude and bravery, while Virgo might take these as stupidity, the exception being tradition or history. Virgo has value for intelligence and Aries feels that success with knowledge has not a thing to do.


Shared Activities of Aries And Virgo

The duo could go out for a run since it’s healthy and spend some time in the lap of nature. They could easily incorporate anything healthy in their weird relationship. Also, Aries would watch television while Virgo would read or clean.


Final Words

The relationship between Aries and Virgo Compatibility is poor but can never be boring. Although the life of this relationship in most of the cases can not be expected to be long enough, a lot of understanding and efforts might make a difference.


I hope you found the information helpful. For more such content, Stay tuned!

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