Aries and Aquarius, their compatibility in being together

Aries and Aquarius, their compatibility in being together


DATE: March 21-April 20





POLARITY: Negative


LUCKY DAY: Tuesday

LUCKY GEM: Diamond


Aries is the real passionate selfies. They are represented by the Rams and hence they have certainty in the fidgety self that they actually are. Nonsensical, funny and mischievous, they are really light-hearted persons to be around. They are very competitive and hence they take the challenges to the core of their hearts, they really do something for the sake of the competition that lies behind it. They need to be incited for the lying contest in it, and true to themselves they will actually do it to the best of their abilities. They are temperamental and very impulsive, and just like living in the moment, they act at the moment. Sometimes living in the moment does pay off, but sometimes it backfires on them. But being the free-spirited people Aries are, they are with the "come what may" attitude. Hence they can take it and also mold it to the abilities that they profound in.


Aries, as mentioned earlier, are frank people. They are with on the face kind of attitude and sometimes may come off as being rude, but who cares. Sometimes letting something off the shoulders and coming out with it may be good for the case of being truthful. Aries can sense the attraction that they might be feeling for a person. They are outright and outsmart when it comes to making the first move and hence they never back down. An Aries makes all attempt to go after the person that they really want and they will make it a cause that they might really like them. It is inevitable to actually acknowledge these guys. Aries know the secret behind keeping the flame alive. They know how to incite passion. They know the steps of brushing. Although all they require is a requite of those same efforts that they might be making in the relationship. 



DATE: 20th January - 18th February





POLARITY: Positive


LUCKY GEM: Amethyst


Aquarius people are individualistic. There is a sense of individualism in everything that they do. They do things out of the ordinary box and it is very much unique from the normal things that might contemporize the things that Aquarius do. They are a group of people who believe in the nature of change. They are always evolving and are always changing. After all, Change is the only constant. They are unbrushed and unlabelled. They do not put up with the tags that the society might confer them with. They live in the independence of all of these. They have a sense of justifiable living. Everything in their lives and around them should have a soul sense of justice, that their existence must take some reason behind. Therefore they always find the reason for things and make sure that nothing in their lives outlives the justice that it is provided. They believe in making the society a Utopia for other people to live in.


They have an easy-going attitude. They go with the flow. They do not stress out very easily and take a chill pill for things. They have an artistic bend of mind and love to add, mix and mingle in their common interests. They have an overall acceptable personality, they let people in their social circle and are also accepted by the people around them. They have a loving and caring nature. They try to pry into someone to bring out what might be the common interests and hence will play it out hard to impress you, make you feel obliged. They are analytical and logistical, and hence try to find the perfect synchrony in every endeavor. They weigh out the pros and cons of things much before other people do it, saving time for others. They have an affinity for knowledge, they love to read and write and know things around them, making then very aware of the surroundings around them. They exude a certain warmth and positive vibes for the people around them.



• The intelligence of the Aries is complementary to the artistic nature of Aquarius. There is a certainty of the COMPATIBILITY for they abound in some similarities while they are different in the other ones. They both have a domineering attitude and both of them have a compromising personality, they can run a home or be entrepreneurs together very well. 


• They also have an intellectual bent of mind. They do work out their intellects in the best of their interests. Sometimes it gives off very well for people who can make it to compatibility in knowledge or its quest. People who have an equal affinity to obtain a certain degree that they might require in their lives. 


• They have the same amount of crazy. They are wild and adventurous. They love to bring about the much-required fire that will actually help them keep the party going, they have the fire to keep people hooked, they will be both wild and desirable in bed. They have a perfect amount of madness to try out new things, and also to experience the relationship in the different realms where it needs to be experimented with.


• They both are individualistic and independent sorts of people. They might be financially independent, socially independent, culturally independent or sexually independent but they might want to remain emotionally invested with someone. Both of them are pretty obtrusive in the cause of the home, but together they might want to make a home, a place they might want to return to after a long day at work.


• They both have a sense of social justice. They want to make it to a point that the world around them becomes a better place. Hence they might want to stand up to the injustice. They form a great team against the world. They will help each other evade the wrong notions that are associated with marriage. Like they might be the life in kind of people and will do away with the negative shout outs of the society.


• Aries are the chasers, Aquarius is the chase. Hence the approach and the approacher, or the prey and the predator are always in a symbiotic relationship. Even biology reveals that the prey and the predator always live in harmony with each other so that each of them uptakes the need of each other. Therefore they even match in the levels of compatibility of desirability.


• Both of these Zodiacs are the careerist group. Career always has an upper hand for them. They would love to give their career a priority more than their homes. Therefore each of them might actually understand each other's needs to follow their dreams. Hence they might also help each other in the long run, establish each other's goals. They might make an equal contribution to their homes.


• They are emotionally and verbally profuse. They are actually pretty good at handling their emotions, although each of them might be very sensitive and touchy sometime. They might help each other out in their times of vulnerability. Also, they have a perfect sense of verbal communication. They would want to communicate problems to each other while they sit down and bring out possible solutions for that problem, rather than giving the cold or silent treatment, and would make outbursts seem easy.


• Aries is Cardinally dominating, while Aquarius is Fixed in dominance. Aquarius give Aries the stability that they require and both of them might benefit from this.