Are You Stuck at Work? Things Aren't Looking Good For You? Maybe it's Because of RAHU DASA!

Are You Stuck at Work? Things Aren't Looking Good For You? Maybe it's Because of RAHU DASA!

Ever heard your grandmom say,” Dasa is not okay, let’s not start something new”? Well, I am pretty sure most of us have heard it. But what is Rahu Dasa and how does it affect us? So let’s start with what is Rahu? Rahu is amongst the nine planets in astrology; it is known to be a shadow entity and also the cause of eclipses and meteor showers. It is known as the malefic planet in astrology. It is mostly associated with fear, obsession, etc. it is generally paired with Ketu and the time under Rahu’s influence is called Rahu Kaal.

Now coming to what is Rahu Dasa? Dasa is basically the placement of the planet Rahu. Rahu Mahadasa is said to continue for 18 years in a person’s life. It can be either favorable or unfavorable for a person depending on the position of the planets. A person is said not to have a stable mind during Dasa, travel to foreign lands is expected. It can also affect a person’s financial status suddenly making them too rich or too poor. It has proven to be beneficial for ministers and corporate. It has both positive as well as negative impacts on the mind of a person, diseases, deaths, and financial affairs.

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If Rahu is rising with Rashi, then good results will be achieved during Dasha, such as great happiness from acquiring wealth, agricultural products, etc. On the other hand, if Rahu is in the 5th, 8th or 12th house it will bring all kinds of troubles like the demolition of house, mental instability, harm to family and children, and misfortune. Hence it is very important and beneficial to know about the Dasa of Rahu and opt for remedies if it’s not favorable.

The effects of Rahu Dasa depend on the position of Rahu as well as other planets. Rahu’s position with respect to other planets is also very important in determining the effects of Dasa. The Antar Dasa of other planets in the Maha Dasa of Rahu helps determine whether Rahu Mahadasa will have a positive or negative effect on a person’s life.

Rahu Mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa

In general, Rahu Antardasa does not act favorably with Rahu Mahadasa. This evil Rahu period can bring a fear of snakes, conflicts within the family, mental instability, and the urge to end one’s life and also attracts bad company.

Rahu Mahadasa and Jupiter Antardasa

Overall the Jupiter Antardasa with Rahu's Mahadasa is fine. This combination brings wealth, wisdom, and a good partner. It also improves the social status of a person and makes them morally strong.

Rahu Mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa

Rahu Mahadasa and Saturn Antardasa are considered to be the most difficult time in a person’s life. Through nature, both Saturn and Rahu are either hateful or wicked. During the Dasa period of Rahu and Saturn's Antardasa it is extremely harmful.

Rahu Mahadasa and Mercury Antardasa

Usually, the Rahu Dasa and Mercury Antardasa bring good results to a person. The person is expected to have advancements in the technology field, financial affairs are set to improve and the chances of foreign travel also increase.

Rahu Mahadasa and Ketu Antardasa

For the native Rahu Mahadasa and Ketu Antardasa are extremely dangerous. Rahu Dasa and Ketu Antardasa bring with them diseases such as malaria, snake fear, burglary, political and bureaucratic strife.

Rahu Mahadasa and Venus Antardasa

Rahu Mahadasa and Venus Antardasa are one of the most complicated combinations. A person may need to abandon their family and enmity can get to the highest level. The chances of indulging in violence disgrace and disputes are high.

Rahu Mahadasa and Sun Antardasa

The Sun Antardasa with Rahu, Mahadasa is not nice because of the planets Jupiter, Ketu, Mars, and Rahu afflicts the planet Earth. During the Rahu and Sun periods, the person is expected to have enmity, legal problems, and political conflicts.

Rahu Mahadasa and Mars Antardasa

The Rahu Mahadasa with Mars ' Antardasa would deliver beneficial results if put in the eminent, patented, and welcoming sign, etc.

Rahu Mahadasa and Moon Antardasa

Earth-Moon means consciousness. Therefore, if the Moon is beset by destructive planets such as Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Sun, and Ketu, the person will have a negative effect. The person has high chances of having mental depression, paranoia, anxiety, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anything connected with Rahu Mahadasa during the Moon Antardasa period.

Remedies for bad Rahu Mahadasa

Our sages and saints have done a great job offering cure for Rahu Mahadasa. If Rahu is present in a bad place in the chart you can perform several remedial measures. Here are some of the remedial measures issued. Get the singing of Rahu Mantra performed by wise sages. The chanting number is expected to be 18,000. Wearing dark blue dresses will mitigate the Rahu's negative effect. Hold a pacifier at home to nullify Rahu's negative impact. Feeding the dogs also is a great help to lessen the planet Rahu's negativity.