Are Tarot Cards Bad or Evil?

Are Tarot Cards Bad or Evil?

Tarot cards helped many people from a very long time in solving their life problems, career problems or issues in their relationship. These cards have also helped people in healing, meditating, or guidance in their spiritual journey. Despite all these, there are many speculations among people that tarot cards are bad or evil. And it will result in something bad in the future.

Tarot cards are a divination tool. They can be used for communicating with spirits, or gods. These sessions are dangerous and sometimes people do get harmed.

What are the dangerous effects of tarot cards?

1.      Tarot cards are used by mediums for connecting to the spirits. Sometimes, after the session, the reader could feel the presence of the spirit around them. It is believed that tarot cards are able to connect you to energy. This energy follows you everywhere you go. You can feel that someone is following you or is with you.

2.      Sometimes, a spirit can enter your mind and can influence your thoughts. After the session, you can experience nightmares or scary visions.

3.       It is said that the intention behind doing a tarot card session should be mindful. Doing a tarot session with the wrong intention can have many serious consequences.

4.      A tarot session can drain your energy. It happened because of the reason that sometimes the tarot cards can take the negative energies from the problems of the clients and those energies get accepted by you. These can influence you mentally or even physically.

How can you protect yourself from the effects of tarot cards?

Tarot cards can have many consequences on a reader. So, it is very important to take some precautions before it. Many readers use some sorts of protection while performing a tarot session. There are many different ways of protection which can be very useful during reading.

1.      Readers use protection prayers before starting a tarot session. This can be very helpful. A typical tarot reading prayer asks god to protect themselves, their energy and their family from the negative energies surrounding them.

2.      Some use crystals as a precaution. They are used so that they can absorb all the negative energies towards them and you will remain unaffected by it.

3.      Salt is also used to repel negative energies from a reading. Sprinkle salt in the table you or place you are performing the tarot session.

4.      Don’t allow anyone to use your tarot cards. A card can be cursed which may affect the reader. So keep the cards in a safe place. So no one can touch it and also no negative energies can get attracted to it.

5.      There are many cards in the deck as well which can be used to protect the reader from negative energies or psychic attacks. Some of them are Suit of Cups, Sword, Suit of wands, etc.

6.      Some again light candles in the room where they are performing the session. These can be also be used to repel negative energies.

7.      Make sure you meditate before a tarot session. It can help your mind to not get emotionally affected by reading.

Always keep in mind that with the right intention nothing can harm you. Tarot cards have lots of powers in them. Use it for the betterment of yourself. If used correctly it can help you spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Don’t get overly attached to these cards and don’t make every decision in your life using these cards. It is also not a healthy way to use these cards. Remember, it can only guide you but it can’t tell you the exact solution to your problem.