Tarot and Zodiac are two completely different concepts. They are completely different yet have a very strong connection. But let us start with the basics first, so that it does not get confusing and is much easier to understand. Tarot card reading is the practice of reading tarot cards in order to gain cognizance of the past, present and future by choosing the cards and interpreting and understanding the meaning behind those cards, as well as applying it to the situation at hand and is further divided into two decks being Arcana Major and Arcana Minor. Zodiac is the circle of twelve divisions of the celestial longitude that are concentrated upon the path of the Sun, and the name of each of the twelve divisions are what we call as Zodiac signs and are often identified by their constellations, each Zodiac sign having its own constellation.

Which brings us to the crux of the topic. Are the Tarot carding reading and the Zodiac signs related? And if so, how are they related? They are strongly related and it is even believed that few of the decks of the Arcana Major came into existence because of the constellations. Tarot card reading and the Zodiac signs are related through the four elements being- fire (Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries which belong to The Tarot Wands in tarot card reading), air (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius which belong to The Tarot Swords in tarot card reading), water ( Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer which belong The Tarot Cups in tarot card reading) and earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn which belongs to The Tarot Pentacles in tarot card reading). Not only that, both the Tarot and the Zodiac also draw their energy from the seven planets. So, let us see how exactly are they related and go more in detail.


The Aries Tarot card is the Emperor and the sign represents how royal and loyal you are to your friends and how you always have their back no matter what and use your authority and dominance to achieve your personal milestones and help others in need.


The Taurus tarot card is the Hierophant (which literally means ‘high priest’ in Greek) and the sign represents hard work and dedication through learning and they always have a reason to do something, and do not just do anything on impulse.


The Gemini tarot card is Lovers and the sign represents the duality of the sign and make you weigh your moral options and choose an option that is ruled by your own morals.


The Cancer tarot card is the Chariot and represents security and freedom. You love the security that certain life choices have to offer, but also love the freedom of the uncertain.


The Leo tarot card is the strength card and represents the overall strength of the individual. The card shows how much courage you have and how you overcome every type of problem that is thrown in your path.


The Virgo card is the hermit card and represents a person who is worn out and is exhausted of the world. These are the people who need to slow their pace and enjoy life at the moment.


The Libra tarot card is the Justice card and represents the making of decisions and doing justice to both- your needs and desires.


The Scorpio tarot card is the death card and represents new beginnings. It means that you often shed the old you, and like a caterpillar coming out of your cocoon or a snake shedding its old skin and growing a new one, it literally symbolizes new beginnings and starts.


The Sagittarius tarot card is the Temperance and represents balance. It means that you are a peacemaker who often restores peace and balance.


The Capricorn tarot card is the Devil and represents the suppressed desires and wants. It means to face your fears and go for whatever you desire or want.


The Aquarius Tarot card is the Water card and represents peace and creative ideas. It means to follow your creative and innovative ideas.


The Pisces tarot card is the Moon and represents creativity and intuition. It means that the person is compassionate and emotional, and understand what people feel.