Aquarius Rashi

Aquarius Rashi

Aquarius Rashi occupies the eleventh position on the Zodiac Sign Chart. Water Bearers are the indicator of Aquarius, and its symbol is water waves. 

In heavens, Aquarius Rashi is believed to start at 300 degrees and go to 329 degrees. Sun resides in the Aquarius according to Sidereal Zodiac, from the 13th of February till the 14th of March, this pattern is followed by Vedic Astrologers, and according to Tropical Zodiac, it begins from 21st of January till 19th of February and that the pattern that Western Astrologers follow. However, the dates for entry as well as an exit for a particular zodiac during some years do vary by a day.

Aquariums Rashi, like most of the other zodiacs, consists of three Nakshatras. These Nakshatras are- entire of Shatabhisha Nakshatra, half of Dhanishta Nakshatra and two-third of Purva Bhadra Nakshatra.


Aquarius Rashi Facts:-

Duality: Masculine

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed or Static

Ruling Planet: Saturn (the God of time and justice)

Symbol: The Water Bearers

Part of the Body: Circulation, Shin & Ankle

Exaltation sign of: None

Debilitation Sign of: None

Determent Sign of Sun


Lucky for Aquarius Rashi :-

Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Years: 17, 26, 35 & 44

Lucky Planets: Venus and Saturn

Lucky Gemstone (Vedic): Blue Sapphire

Lucky Gemstone (Western): Aquamarine

Lucky Metal: Lead & Uranium

Lucky Color: Sky Blue & Electric Blue

Lucky Direction: West

Lucky Perfume: Galbanum

Lucky God: Shiva & Hanuman


Traits of Aquarius Rashi:-

Aquarius Rashi Positive traits: 

Humanitarian, Reformative, Inventive, Objective, Cooperation, Progressiveness, Idealism and Altruism.

Aquarius Rashi Negative traits: 

Impractical, Erratic, Stubborn, Eccentric, Rebellious and Dictatorship


Things that Aquarius Rashi Governs:-

Flowers: Golden Rain, Snow Drops and Orchids

Trees: Most of the fruit trees, Elderberry, Olive, Alder and Kiwi

Herbs: Prickly Ash, Sanke Root, Chamomile, Southernwood and Catnip

Animals: Large Birds that Fly far, Peacock 

Countries: Sweden, Ethiopia, Russia, Iran, Poland and Finland

Cities: Moscow, Salzburg, Stockholm, Buenos Aires and Helsinki 


Popular Personalities of Aquarius Rashi:-

Michael Jordan: 17th February 1963

Paris Hilton: 17th February 1981

John Travolta: 18th February 1954

Paula Abdul: 19th February 1962

George Washington: 22nd February 1732

Levi Strauss: 26th February 1829

Elizabeth Taylor: 27 February 1932

Daniel Craig: 2nd March 1968

Alexander Graham Bell: 3rd March 1847

Prince Edward: 10th March 1964

Rupert Murdoch: 11 March 1931

Albert Einstein: 14th March 1879

Quincy Jones: 14th March 1933

John McEnroe: 16th February 1959

Ramakrishna Paramhans: 18th Feb 1836

Swraj Paul: 18th February 1931


The Compatibility of Aquarius Rashi :-

The Most Compatible: Leo and Sagittarius

 Average Compatibility: Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Gemini

The Least Compatible: Cancer, Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Capricorn


The Aquarius Health:-

The ankles of legs and calves are ruled by Aquarius Sign. Aquarius is concerned with the oxygenation cycle of one's body too.  

Furthermore, Aquarius oversees the eyes by controlling the rods and cones part. Aquarius also governs the coordination of the muscles, spinal cord, nerves and the brain. 

Planets that are said to be afflicted in the Aquarius can cause multiple sclerosis, poor blood circulation, poisoning, lower leg cramping, and lumbar disorders.


Aquarius Rashi Careers and Professions:-

All those occupations which are associated with Uranus, Saturn, or the eleventh of the house are beneficial. 

It denotes the indicator of careers which are Unusual, New and Advanced, such as Inventors,

Scientists, Astrologers, Faith Healers, Occultists, Clairvoyants, Automobile Racers, Aviators, Manufacturers, Repairers and Dealers or Electricians. It also oversees the positions that require a skilled public dealing and friendly personality.


Aquarius Rashi in Friendships

The Eleventh House in astrology is considered to be of friendship, and guess what? Aquarius is its ruler! No wonder how people of Aquarius Rashi tend to befriend absolutely everyone they meet. 

Though Aquarius folks have several acquaintances, they rarely let people get in contact with them at a deeper level. When it is about their actual emotions, they are what we can say to be somewhat 'aloof'. 

However, they are very generous as an individual and always ready to help in needy times. But don't let it make you go too clingy! In any case, if the Aquarian senses a probable loss of his freedom, he is bound to flee that very moment. 

Make sure that you have an open-minded attitude, and Aquarians will surely take you for an exciting trip to a new spot. The true Aquarius companion can be the one who can create a persistent connection with them. 

If you promise to provide them with their space and do this, while also keeping the conversation lively, trust me, they will become your BFF in no time.


Summing Up:-

Each person and Each Rashi is different in its own unique way, whether it is Aquarius Rashi or any other. Accept and appreciate their uniqueness, and they will be yours forever.

I hope you found the article helpful, fir more such content, Stay Tuned!