Aquarius Monthly Prediction

Aquarius Monthly Prediction


They are the most brilliant ones but never think of them in such as one. They are shy and prefer to be in their shell unless they are with people who can make their mind stir.

One thing they love to do is think and stimulate themselves mentally in all possible way and if they are not able to do so then they get bored to hell. They tend to grow and nurture among their loved ones.

This year seems to be a year of success and changes for them if they work hard rather than be impulsive. Those being the most powerful zodiac sign are born trendsetters.


This month predicts that you will have to endure a lot of hurdles and impediments in the domains of your concern. Aforementioned challenges are present because you have entered in your initial phase of Sade-Sati.

These troublesome circumstances will examine your endurance but you should try to sustain your courage and patience level if you need to surmount these circumstances.

You're destined to face declines throughout this time. Some unwanted travels will arrive and be able to recognize it and try to avoid it as much as possible. You also will have to take extra care of your well-being.

You may begin to stress about almost everything that comes across your path, instead, try to go into some sort of hibernation. Soon there will be a point when your self-confidence level will advance and you will be ready to revitalize yourself.


You will have to endure difficulties in your adept life. You may encounter problems and barriers in your track of work. You might find yourselves psychologically exhausted and bodily drained out most of the time.


There are chances that this month can turn out to be beneficial for salaried workers. There are chances that you may come across new projects and will be able to finish them within the specified time period.

You will start to maintain good harmony with your manager. Awaited preferments and appraisals can be received, these could be the uplifting news of the month.


Even thou Sade-Sati has begun you can expect upgradations in your financial status somewhere around this month especially. Profits seem to arrive through different forms of investments, try your hand in real estate areas.

Just because there are chances of being profited through investment, don't forget to study all the schemes perfectly before making any sort of commitments. This time isn't good to take any sort of monetary assistance, play, and invest with your money, don't depend on others as they might fail you.

It is advised to limit your expenses and stick to a proper budget so that you can ensure a sustained financial status throughout the year. You are likely to procure abrupt medical responsibilities, throughout this stage. Take conventional discreet stratagems and defeat the junk food desires you have.


There will be chances of confusions in your love life as Rahu is fixed at the fifth house of passion. Give adequate space to your companion so that they don't get annoyed, after all, love is about freedom, not restraints.

We advise you to be faithful and trustworthy with your companion. By executing this you're expected to keep an amicable environment at the house so that you can come out like a conqueror.


This month is all about the ups and downs you as an Aquarian will face. This period can be similar to a roller-coaster when it comes to emotions and kinship. The only thing you should concentrate is to keep track of your words and temperament under control then everything will slowly fall to its place otherwise it can lead to very painful and brutal issues and maybe even separations. Overall, household relationships will continue graciously and you will experience a genuine agreement with your family members.


Stomach and eye-related issues could be faced by Aquarians during this month. Don't get attached to the street food and try to stay away from them as much as feasible as there possibilities for you to undergo food poisoning.

As a reliever point, I'll say that it is noted that the effects of Sade-Sati for Moon sign Aquarians are very less, in fact, they don't have any ill effects at all comparing to signs like Leo.

To keep your soul and karma clean form the side effects of Sade-Sati do things like reciting Hanuman Chalisa daily, reciting it for about 100 times can even completely vanish the effects of Sade-Sati. Reciting Maha Mrutunjaya mantra is likewise pretty powerful.