Aquarius Horoscope 2020 | CAREER, MONEY, LOVE, HEALTH

Aquarius Horoscope 2020 | CAREER, MONEY, LOVE,  HEALTH


Aquarius is an air zodiac and it is governed by the planets Uranus and Saturn. The Moon of Aries quadruples with the planet Mars in Capricorn. This is the time when something has been blocking you very emotionally. You are emotionally let down by some surfacing fears and negativity that may hamper the job you are bound to do. Therefore it's time that you understand the hidden inner negativity that's keeping you from embarking on your tryst.


This is definitely some moment you should start working on yourself. The entirety is something you have to make yourself comfortable with. Walk out of your comfort zone. Make yourself available for more visionary agendas. Your comfort zone may make you so comfortable that it will make you uneasy with the world.


The moon is making a quadruple with Jupiter for the later year suggesting that it may not be a very strong time for you. You may be feeling a bit lose and off with yourself. Maybe things are going out of your hands and you may start dizzying things up. But all you have to do is expand your arenas. Try out new things.


No person knows it all, you don't know it all but you may definitely try and walk out of your comfort zone. You have to take it all in with some part of your maturity. You have to try to seek it all. It's all something that is in your head. It's a do it all, take it all situation.





Once you start working out of your comfort zone, you'll be in an absolutely different space now. The planets have decided that the Aquarius horoscope is actually going through major changes. You are not going to repeat the same mistakes. This year the career graph is going to be impeccable. It is going to be so amazing. All your work front actions are going to be well supported by your peers and your seniors. You have to just take up calls the battalion. Make sure you don't fall out with anyone but try to maintain a cordial relationship. The later part of the year is going to see some promotion or a raise. Accept it and go forward for some higher responsibilities.





Now since you have tried to walk out of your comfort zone, the planets have taken it that the Aquarius horoscope is going to be a particularly good time in the matter of finances. They as expected are going to witness a rise in their offices or the prospects of promotion are going to be good for them and in retrospect, new added responsibilities are also going to add to their finances. They are going to spend money on personal grooming stuff. The first part of the year is going to be a bit tough as they are going through some time to get through past financial crises. But you have to take matters in your own hand.





The current position of the planets suggests that there are going to be problems in your love life. Sometimes you have to walk out of your comfort zone and make it to extremes to walk out of uneven relationships. Sometimes it may be a good idea that you should move on and do something alone that would enchant you and sweep you off your feet. The first part of the year is not going to be a good time for marriage, later part of the year is somewhere the forewarnings of the marriage may start. 





The beginning of the year is going to give you problems. The planets playing in the Aquarius horoscope say that the health of your family and siblings are going to be a matter of concern for you for the first part of the year. But somehow you have to maintain all of it. You have to walk out of your comfort zone and start working out on your body. Hydration and work out are the keys.